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The Last Hour: Chapter 1

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Author Comments

The Last Hour series is an alternative interpretation of the Last Hours on earth before the coming of Christ. In this version of Revelations, the Anti-Christ allies himself with an alien race from the planet of Jaiba.

The Last Hour: Chapter 1 (The Search)
In this Chapter, the Antichrist and his secret alliance with the Jaibians is revealed. It is a time of war between the alien race of Jaibians from the far away planet Jaiba, and the human race of the planet Earth from the milky way galaxy. The Americans send their Battle Ship MadFalconX13 to probe and to take pictures of their military base. They will then send back the information for a full assault.

I hope you enjoy the series.
***I will respond to every single review. I'll be happy to take your criticism, and i'll take your suggestions into consideration. It's my promise for taking the time to watch this chapter. It will be perfect for you to increase your review/response ratio. Thanks again.***
***Chapter 2 is in production. I will post an update with more details soon***


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UM what was that it was like a 50 second video you could of made it longer than that!

Jaiba responds:

check out chapter 10. it will more than make up for the quality of this movie.
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /457202

Very attractive

as in I was doing some portal protecting and came upon this and it immediately grabbed my interest from the title to the premise in the author's comments so I decided to check out the 1st part. Very good story, but more could of happened as far as animation goes. Even if you added more space travel or anything small like that because with a build up like yours people expect to see more. I rated 7.5, but rounded up. Don't have time to catch up with the rest of the chapters, but I will watch them soon. I didn't vote on the 8th and 9th because so, but can't wait to see them all.

Jaiba responds:

thank you. take your time to watch and review the rest of the series, you should not be disappointed. Takes for taking your time to watch my movies. I appreciate it.


Too bad this is so short. I hoped to see a bit more. It's more of a trailer than a full chapter.

The graphics are decent. A bit sloppy here and there; especially the stars look quite bad, as some of them a lines, instead of dots.

The animation is decent, too. It's mostly tweening, but you made good use of that.

I think the music doesn't really fit here. Something more "spacey" would have been better.

{ Review Request Club }

Jaiba responds:

this is the first chapter of the Last Hour series, you are in for a great ride if you continue watching the series. !!! Don't worry the other chapters will be twice as long as this! If you notice my newest chapters. the stars have been fixed in fact i think it looks beautiful. Go ahead and review the other chapters.

Umm.. Kinda short?

This was a tad bit on the short side. Yes, this was just chapter 1, yet it seems like this is a trailer more than a chapter. I was OK, not really much animation, just frame-by-frame. The text looked tolerable. Well, onto Chapter 2 :)

.:.Review Request Club.:.

Jaiba responds:

check out chapter 4, and 5 thank for reviewing.

Thats all

Well that was a surpise to me. Just a introduction and that was it .

Graphics. 4/10 This is hard to give, a score as its only very short and brief. All we get is a screen with a black background and text which looks fine. Then a short animation of a spaceship going towards a green planet?. This did not look to bad although the drawing ,are a little rough. Its so short as not to really ,not have any flash at all.

Sound. 6/10 Again with the only sound being the brief moment ,between the text and flash. It was not much and what i heard was okay, its to short to really tell for sure. It did have a science fiction feel to it not bad.

This looked like a promising series the background information, at the start was intruging, i was eagar to hear more. The style is exciting the scene ,looks like we are going to see a major good scene. Then the spaceship going towards the green thing it looked good. Space and the Anticrist, an interesting idea.

The major flaw is why this ending just as it began ,where is the action violence?, there is none. Why is this an opening episode? ,its way to short. The rating odd where is the violence?. I find it werid that this ended so soon ,the short movie which was barely was a movie is so off putting. How can we tell what this will be like?. I dont get why you ended this so suddenly. The spaceship then soon saying to be countined. This seems like a bad way ,to begin a series no offense.

Ovreall a promisng but very short movie made this hard to get the feel of it. Maybe add more to it.

review requst club

Jaiba responds:

thank you for your review, check out my other chapters you will see that it's all improving. thanks for watching.


Credits & Info

2.97 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2008
12:26 AM EDT