Flash CS3 Mini-Tutorial

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Hi thanks for veiwng pls review and vote I'll try to respond to all MEANINGFUL reviews

I made this for those people who is having a bit of a hard time in Flash CS3 me also it was a pain in the head and also it's a MINI tutorial so it only contains a few tutorials and last thing I did this in my spare time cuz I am currently working in a BIG tutorial it has basicaly 2 topics Flash and another one that's secret well just because people might copy that idea before than me and I am the 1st one that's gonna post it at NG so wait

For those stupid critics who called me weird "I am not weird I am gifted!"
Um.... In the custom Cursor Part I didt hide the mouse some people might complain............

Music By: Psybot
Heaven Cries 2008
(It's so awesome)

Edit: Just to clear out some things it's AS3 and submit it in the tut collection for more people to see this

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Nice- but could use little more help with buttons

You've made clear instructions on how to produce a functioning button, but only gave it one function- go to the next frame, how do you go to any frame? in a different scene?

(You could just put a list of the different actions in the tutorial)


wow naman

Jaye19 responds:

weh remo

why o why

i cant get inside the button...there is no up down or anything i just made a square then made it into a button then there was no up down or anything is it because im using cs3 pro...

Jaye19 responds:

Hmm........ I dont get it this tut is made especially for cs3 people but I know there is something like that even in cs3 maybe you accidentaly made it to a Movieclip or a graphic or a mere group

Good tutorial

This is just a wonderful tutorial.
I hope this'll get people to stop complaining about CS3 a little bit.

You explained things really well, and the ones marked with "///" was a huge help.

The only thing is that I would like to know a little more about what the code does and how it works.

Jaye19 responds:

Sory only had a short time making this so I explained more on the buttons section

Good Start

I know quite a bit about CS3 but didn't know you could change the frame rate like that. I look forward to your bigger tutorial!

Jaye19 responds:

Thanks man

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Aug 1, 2008
11:13 PM EDT
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