Beauty Resort

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Work your way up from a small spa to a luxury mountain resort in this multitasking time-management game!

Dear reviewers,

1. Please tell me what you would like to see improved in this game?
2. Any requests for things you would like to see in a sequel?


>:U ehhh

In the beggining ish part i had a guy who finished the sauna want to get a massage while a guy who finished the massage want the sauna and it wouldn't allow me to put them where i wanted cause they finished at the same time so i lost both of them and another customer who wanted a massage so overall i lost the level which sucked. Fix this and i'll give you a seven or eight. Srry i gotta give you a crappy grade.

Next game:

Yea i think i would appreciate an upgrade system that allows you to upgrade what you want.

Maybe a different level system. Kinda like you can buy the upgrades available as much as you like but you have to have these certain upgrades to unlock the ability to get a different building which when you buy gives you a chance for more upgrades but the bigger the building the harder it gets.

Easy medium hard and master mode

Some unlockable fun like different characters or somethin.

I know the action scripting will probably be hard but the ability to buy intelligent AI characters.

If not maybe an online mode or something more creative that will give us more helpful people.

maybe a better storyline if you can squeeze it in.

fun creative things like something to calm the people down and make them less angry

Annoying enemies that annoy or anger the customers.

iunno if you have it here but a scoreboard

auto-save system.

weather outside that effects how many people come and what they want

if you make better graphics avoid lag on high detail

if you wanna get very original and just make it so you gotta make money through any business the ability to gamble places or make deals or bets. I know this isn't the part that would be reccomended and i deeply understand why you don't add it in.

music selection

master goals

extra bonus for reaching master goal.

ok now im bored. PM me if you want anymore ideas just tell me what i mentioned. If you dont read this or read this and don't respond or PM me i'll be really annoyed cause i don't like messing with my brain to rack out reccomendations when i could be playing the "one level game: hardcore" . So plz respond or PM me if your reading this. PLZ!

P.S. I am srry for having to give you a bad score. srsly.

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not bad

creative, colorful but got borring at times but overall pretty good


I actually played it the whole way through and got the highest score so far, it was a good time waister, took forever and it was pretty fun, over all I liked it.

Very Good

I thought the game was very good. The gritty brutal backing story added depth and tied the game together. The artwork was gorgeous as well. Somone below said that there's too many of this game but I disaggree. I sincerely hope that you make a second game.

Yeah... nice... actually

so you made it really cute. thats a point for you.
I think there are some problems in gameplay here.
excuse if i'm making some mistakes in language, i'm german.

So i think it was really disturbing that you coldn't sit the customers on chairs after they were ready to pay, so the girl had to walk the whole planned route before the place was free again. i think you should be able to place them where you want, anytime. Next problem is: what shall i do with the money. I'd reccomend upgrading the hot tub for example so that more people can sit there. or maybe upgrading the girl so that she can walk faster.
I'd also reccomend something to keep the customers calm... like giving them a magazine or... i just dunno. and they're getting angry WAY too fast.

Nice game actually a little bit like this recently seen stork game... or Burger restaurant (Wasn't this made by you? xD)

I just played up to the second resort, i imagined a really hard game after all. so you also got THAT point actually.
nice work keep it up.

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3.74 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2008
10:11 AM EDT
Simulation - Job