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the world's propoganda

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Jul 31, 2008 | 9:18 PM EDT

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Author Comments

I was very bored when making this. However I do not think the people of the world are ready for such a leap of faith. but here I go anyway.



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k once you start calling people idiots for watching tv, your just being a complete douche, idk how it works in the states but in the rest of the world the Media is usually well trusted, don't be such an arrogant circle jerking tool and get yourself a life...I hope them Blam thing thing just to prove your stupid point wrong, people can censor this crap out of the internet, go write a blog or something!


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First off, what good does putting text on ablack background with music do. Someone could do better even with a dress up game. Second, even though I'm democratic, I say you are saying that democrats are the cause of everything in the past 8 years. Bush started the war. Bush killed our economy. Democrats did not control both houses during elections '00 and '04. Thirdly, how are democrats controlling your minds with all of the commercials. I think Burger KIng is advertising its food, not trying to get us to vote for Obama. The Obama campaign makes its own commercials. Mccain has them too. so overall, you just made propaganda yourself, telling us that Dems are bad, and Reps are good.

niseb responds:

thats exactly what im talking about though. he really didnt do anythign wrong. check president bush's wikipedia and read on something totally unbiased.


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For all you idiots

Just to point something out here, but the democrats have controlled both houses of congress during the period this horrible 'recession' has taken place. As for propoganda, most of the newgrounds userbase are fanboy pseudo-intellectual morons who worship at the altar of john stewart, so ranting at them won't do you anygood.

as for fox-news boy, please back up the 'fox news is a puppet of (insert whomever you hate) here with facts. All I ever hear is 'only a moron thinks that ..etc.' never any facts.


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Now, i need to give you points for something I don't see to often in my NG browsing , you took and idea (serious one) and Ran with it.

However, your idea was great and quick became fail after a few slides in.Quite Quickly you reveal a bias in your views, which shows that you too submit to the all american propaganda machine! After that it's really just pot shot's at the standard fare of news media, and Ironically, newsletters, which I'm fairly sure at this point is dead media.

"why sir, would you like to by the news? It's Printed on a stone tablet."

So, not to beat a slightly less dead horse than the one you chose to savagely curb stomp, but you're just as brainwashed as the rest of us and in the end saying that democrats attempt to brain wash people is really a teapot calling the kettle black.

You sir, gain a whole zero. Have fun.

To all that watch this and go "Good Concept, but we are all pretty much corporate robots" I would like to thank you, because you give me hope that society will suck less as a whole.

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I hate to be a bit nit picky, but you misspelled the main word in your title.

Now, onto your "flash"
It was simply an overly long internet rant that belonged on forums somewhere. There was no need to convert your perceptions into an animation with music in the background. The media is the media, and will always biased against somebody (changes quite often). However I believe you are ignorant to the fact that what you watch is entirely different than what many others will watch.

Also, I would just like to mention that most of the world doesn't have a Democratic or Republican party. So not only is your entire presentation misguided, but it's misinformed too.

Please, stick to arguing on forums and watching flash movies

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