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** Thanks to all who voted for this game for the August monthlies, it really means a lot to me :D **

** Thanks to whichever admin put this in the puzzle collection, and to everybody who made a
recommendation for it :D **

Go here for hints:

Go here for guide:
http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/947308

NOTE: You need to play this game in pop-up mode to be able to beat level 9 with the method described in the guide.


I personally find a lot more joy in cheating my way through a flash game than doing it the regular way, mostly so on mouse avoiders.

And I don't think I'm alone! So show me what cheating skills you've all got by doing nothing but cheating for 10 levels in this game that rewards you for being creative instead of just following the same old patterns we've seen in thousands of games before!


I would like to give a special thank to these people who helped me improve this game a whole lot by taking on the task of beta testing it: CaiWengi, crushy, mayoarm11, MorrowDays, RhysMus, Xeptic, zrb

And to Doki, who made the music.


[knugen, cheat2win, cheat, 2, win, mouse avoider, puzzle]


Alternate play

Try playing each level without cheating. zomg its haarded that any other puzzle game. Of course when u win with out cheating it says failure but still i thinks its means EPIC WIN


Very good game, very intriguing, i enjoy the fact I must use my brain to figure it all out... it is very difficult though, could use some on-screen hints

Like it.

I like this, not really for me though, too much thinking lol. It's hard even with the guide.


Level 9 is tough! >B( Damnit! I thought my cheating skills were better than this, lol. I'll have to read the guide you posted I guess, and learn some new cheating techniques, lol.

The game concept is great. Instead of lame maze games we all know how to cheat, a game based on cheating those dumb games. I thought it was pretty funny the message you get by beating the level legit. "You seem to have misunderstood the point of the game. FAILURE." lmfao. I tried to beat level 9 legit and it told me to go fuck myself.

Nice little game though, the graphics are all visually pleasing, the animation seems solid in the animated levels, and the music isn't bad - nothing Doki makes is. Keep up the great work.

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i couldn't solve the bonus level, but overall a good game

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3.72 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2008
8:05 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other