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Move with the mouse. Shoot with the mouse. Follow the arrows to the targets and destroy them.


Decent game

Needs better music with more interesting backgrounds/enemies. I love the ability to choose which weapons you can have. I enjoy firing 6 missiles at once. Although the controls could use some wasd support instead of only using the mouse

Not bad.

The steering is a bit... off though. I found it kinda hard to control... that, and it seemed kinda slow to me. Otherwise, neat. :)

not bad, but it could be better!!!

for example does the ship have to be locked to fire its laser straight forward? what if there was some turret like effect that would allow me to shoot at a target inside an angle of let say maybe 30 degrees in front of the ship?

make the game faster: ships move faster as well as lasers and rockets.

manual shield: what is there was a key to activate a shield (shield activated for like one second) to block lasers an another key for a shield to block rockets, etc. it would make the fight more interesting (in my humble opinion)

dont know just some ideas I saw on other games that could be of use here.

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its ok

i've seen better
its not a bad game its just ok

Good game

people who call this game bad have the worst taste in games

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3.30 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2008
2:54 PM EDT
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