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Do you have a waffle

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Wouldn't you be happier if you did?



this is by far one of the most random and least funny things that i have seen in a while. if you were going for the cheap laughs you may have achieved your goal. all i'm saying is that i would like a little less randomness and a little more story. a plot would be nice to start. its also kinda annoying that it loops. put in a replay button.


waffle sex whats that
and no i wouldn't be happier if i had a waffle

do you have a waffle

how long is this fucking thing come on and why do two have guns

Not my cup of tea.

Ok listen, you expect every flash you make to get a goodscore just because of the graphics. I noticed it looped after about 3 times and this flash is not even funny, it's just random. I don't know how the got this sort of score, maybe because people vote 5 on it before they watch it just because it's made by you (if this flash was made by me then I'd probably get about a 3.5).

Honestly, mak more than a loop, take sometime to make a flash movie with a plot and at least some humor. This is by far your worst flash ever. And what's more is that a 20 second loop took the work of 2 people. This reminds me of, you know, the work of the kitty krew.

Unoriginal, unfunny, childish

I cannot understand why the majority of the people here think this video was funny. The animations were fairly good, but they didn't make up for the obnoxious music and lyrics, and last but not least the accent. I showed it to my 7 year old brother and he found it pretty funny, but I don't know how anyone over the age of ~12 could find this amusing.

Next time try to think of something original and not this "random" §%$§

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Jul 31, 2008
5:20 AM EDT
Music Video
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