A story - Michael

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Hi guys! This is my first flash ever! I took lessons from a guy that knows flash in real life.

Ok, take in mind that I can't draw well, but this flash made ROFL so hard to my friends, I think newgrounds would love it too XD

Please don't be bad at voting :(


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It was a story

As this was your first flash, I would have to say that I thought it was alright. It seems like there really could have been some more color. It was kind of weird to see the dog become brown but have only the outlines of his body become brown. I do have to give you credit for having a really cool title that perfectly fits the cartoon. The animation was not that great, but you can certainly improve from there. Just work on your coloring and animation effects and with a few more jokes, you could make great work!

holy crap

that was FUNNY!!

graphics sucked but made me laugh


Wow that was funny as hell......... Good for your first flash....

Omg. That poor dog. And poor you too.

That does looks like he has face cancer.
And were you on drugs while making this?
You sound like a crackhead on Red Bull!

But can't diss the student of the almighty Pidgeonmaster.


pigeonmaster cant judge videos well...

unlike pigeon master i will give you a real review whether it satisfies you or not. as far as fluent animation goes, this video is a sad showing. the lobster was the only fluent moving object through out the video which was dissapointing. graphics lacked steam as well. stick figures and copy and pasted characters dont cut it these days. audio was phenominal, the narrarators voice was clear, i could almost feel myself about to explode from the humor of the voice. lots of random stuff made me smile to like him stabbing a certain someone.

although this is not the highest quality of videos it will pass for a little giggle

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Jul 31, 2008
2:02 AM EDT
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