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Double Dragon 2 Zomg

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Watch two idiots get through the first level of double dragon 2, using cheats and random powers! bar ba chibby chump!

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that was awesome the dbz thing at the end!

im submitting it to the video game collection :P

Billy and Jimmy Lee!!

They are such a pair of schtup-farts, and I think you captured their quiet intensity perfectly. You forgot the burp sound effect for when a character dies. Yes that's right, they really used a burp in the actual game. Now to watch the rest of your crazy movies...

Score: ZOMG!

I'm not sure why, but I found this extremely hilarious for some reason. I'm not even sure if it was an homage or a parody, or if it's a parody, whether it was making fun of DD2 directly or just mocking badly-done sprite movies on Newgrounds.

But whatever it was, it was freaking hilarious. XD

Do River City Ransom next!

LSD265 responds:

uh thanks man glad ya liked it

sorry I don't know what River City Ransom is? lol..I might have to play it..

chibbi chibbi chabba chubba choobaaaa!! JIM JIM!!

lol that was really funny especially how you made billy and jimmy lee gain weight... I liked how when jim jim farted it revived billy billy boolly booby! lol Keep it up man. LESBIAN!!!

Wupa Chum Chum

i really like this it's super funny, should have got a 4.0 haha, i guess it's only funny to those who have played it, lol anyway nice job. graphics and animation were top of the line XD

LSD265 responds:

yeah I agree the graphics are the best in the world lol