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Ninja Duel

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This is one of my first flash movies, its pointless but I've seen a lot of movies that are a lot worse!!
If this gets a good score ( like a 3.0 ) I will try to make more of these!!!



Very good,....

Continue making this,....
You got inspiration to finish it,...
some bcoz of boredom never finish their work and start another,..
and you accept criticism as something that can make you improve,...
a must-have attitude of every author that submit there work here in NG,..

And for the flash,...
it's so smooth to say it's your first try,...
except for the floor change it's position
few seconds after drawing their swords,...
and the sword of the black and the red guy was drawn opposite
(the sharp side was facing them{dunno if u just make it that way})
then suddenly change at the same time when the floor change,...

But very good to say it was first time,..
and ooh by the way "XxMercsxX"
Means the nuke would kill both of them at that kind of explosion ryt,...
but it's ok with me as i see something like this before,.....

Uhhhh >:(

The nuke wudda killed the black and red guy
Shitty background, mona lisa, weirdass fire and the nuke picture... was... eerk

SeoMX responds:

The Black colored guy was the hero, and I can do what ever I want on my videos!!
And I know the background wasn't the best I could!!
I will try to improve!!

What a piece of junk

I've had dump outs moe interesting than this.

SeoMX responds:

you are just angry because you are a crappy flash designer!!


animation was better on here i liked it just make it run a little faster so its smoother also when there fighting punching i mean you should have blood and like black eyes and what ever looks like there getting hurt but still much better


good work but the action its poor the video need somo blood and more action but its relly good

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Credits & Info

2.18 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2008
10:12 PM EDT
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