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A retro-style sidescrolling shooter -- think Metal Slug with ragdoll physics. Five challenging levels, from snowy mountain bases to the tops of moving trains. Use pistols, sub-machine guns, lasers and explosives as you fight your way through an army of soldiers, robots, helicopters, jetpackers, and a handful of epic bosses.

WASD or arrows to move
mouse to aim and shoot
1234 - switch weapons
Esc/P - Pause

For better performance advice to play in Pop-Up.

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Works pretty well.

Kinda slow, prolly just from the graphics, which are nice. It'd be nice if it were like Mega Man where you just shoot straight instead of being controlled by the mouse... Prolly run faster too. The lack of music kinda makes it boring. I like where you're headed though.

I'm not a fan.

I'm not saying this isn't a good game I'm just saying it didn't have anything too interesting in it for me. I did like the physics. The graphics weren't terrible but they honestly weren't too good. A lot of the game is platforming which honestly didn't work well. The character didn't jump high enough to give me confidence that he would make most jumps. I never understood why he didn't just climb ropes instead of leaping off of them and grabbing back on. And there were quite a few times where he simply didn't grab the rope even though it was right in front of him this led to me falling and having to climb all the way up to where I was. That was very frustrating. There were times when I would be close to a wall and I was swarmed with enemies and an enemy with an SMG could simply pin me to the wall with bullets while the others tore me to shreds. I never saw any purpose in the different weapons. I was able to get through the entire game using only the pistol. The AI was just boring. All they would do is stand there and fire wildly in my direction. This game has plenty of potential if the AI was a little more interesting and the weapons had a little more variety. And if you could touch up that little problem with the ropes and getting pinned down by bullets and just wrecked then this game would be much better.

As a side note, I noticed that this game looks and feels almost exactly like Unreal Flash. It's basically the same game but Unreal Flash is more about multiplayer arena style battles and this is some sort of sidescrolling platforming shooter hybrid.

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Game is nice

But you didn't exactly use the physics to it's full potential. I could easily imagine some kind of hack-and-slash with swords being great with this gaming engine. Oh well. Game was still pretty nice.

And there's a glitch 2. If you don't click space when you die the enemies keep regenerating. And when you go back to the place (after clicking space) where you died you get massacred because theres literally hundreds of guns pointed to your head.

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the last boss

the last boss is like impossible if hes standing next to the edge and you die then u respawn in the air and fly off every time i fight him it happens

love it!

fun addictive gameplay, not easy but not impossible either, one of the best flash games ive played in a while

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4.34 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2008
4:06 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun