Beach Linda

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WARNING: This game contains Furs, yiffing, gratuitous nudity and sexual content. If you're not a fur-fan, this isn't for you. Don't judge it harshly just because it ain't your kind of material. You've been warned!

One hot summer's day, you go walking along the beach and run into the lovely vixen, Linda. It's a choose-your-own naughty adventure game so have fun with the many different options you can explore! Also keep an eye out for the super-secret easter egg hidden somewhere in the game! Do enjoy and make sure not to get your keyboards dirty.



fantastic game yo

It wus really great Ive discoverd a new found love fo yiff thanks 2 this flash but you know wut would be cool if u added a scene were u can fight the male yiff (forgot his name my bad) but yeah like a fight scene between them. Which mite be irrelevent because the main objective is to suduce Linda.

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Not bad

One thing that's missing from most Dating Sims I've played is voices of the characters. It would be nice if I could hear the characters' voices from time to time.

But all in all, it was a pretty good game.

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TerdBurgler responds:

I'd love to get a voice actress for my females, but I really don't know anybody who could fit the bill. I'll ask around for my next flash though because I agree, voices really do add to the experience.

I loved it

dude i love ur game, i love the fur man

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its great

i hope you make another soon

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I really like it as a pervert i dont see many furry mini hentai's and it was interesting the interface with old school script I would love to see more from! please it would be awesome. as for any critism like most of the games i play the male has no body
i think i understand why but i find it more interesting if you added one ^^ other wise your an upcoming pervy gamer ^^ no insult intended.

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TerdBurgler responds:

No insult taken. I thank you for the advice!

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4.06 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2008
3:02 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating