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um do not say this should be in the movie place because it says "Game/Interactive" ok!!! any way um this is a NG tutorial and a link to stuff and this ment to help new people so do not vote 0 because you know all or some of the stuff ok and srry about having to copy and pasting the links be cause the link ascion script des not work 4 me 4 some reason. update: now say what BBS means and the arrow on the rank page now will work better.

EDIT: to lots of people drag out the staff!

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remenber the old ratings the new ones are esrb

hey wtf?

my song was unfinished! it have a bad EQ and its a PREVIEW, listen the full song plz

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/167403

also... its a decent flash


piggy123 responds:


there's no reason for people to read this instead

If the AS to make a button into a link didn't work for you, you should have asked in the BBS for help. Everyone else can work it out, so if you persevered you could have too.

You need to sort out your capitalisation and punctuation - it's currently really hard to read.

Don't use 'u' and other txtspk, use commas, full stops and new lines and capitalise proper nouns and the first word of each sentence. Seriously - these little things go a long way in setting a good impression!

Some of the info, like the 'warnings' and 'voting' section seemed so self-evident as to be redundant.

The info in the staff bit was mostly copied and pasted and going straight to the source is always a better option.

To be honest, I don't really see the need for another 'NG Guide', but this didn't do itself any favours with the issues it had.

I liked the sentiment and the music was generally cool. The buttons worked.

But in the end, there's no reason for people to read this instead of the official FAQ/primer.

piggy123 responds:

the link work now i just do not update it right now.

Lacks depth

You have put together a half decent walk around Newgrounds, but the problem is that it doesn't have the depth of information that these kind of things need. You've apparently got no grasp of punctuation, which would certainly be required in showing people around the place here.

I think that it needs more research, such as reading into the History of NG, or the FAQs - expaining that the BBS means "Bulletin Bored System" is farcical - it's a Bulletin Board System, for example and you could ahve mentioned a lot more depth, such as what forums are contained within - the General; Where is / How to?; Flash; Audio; Art; Clubs & Crews could have given us so much more information

[Review Request Club]

piggy123 responds:

Me.......lazy then?

Not bad.

Animation/Graphics - This could really increase your score if you worked on this. Just the basic layout could of been much better. Things could of been a lot neater too like the arrows on the bottom of the page were very rough. Just working on this part itself could personally bring my rating up from 5 to 7.

Story - A guide is always a nice thing to have on newgrounds and I think the more the better just in case someone who doesn't understand some things. The wording could of been better in some parts. Is English your first language? If not then I totally understand, but if it is then you need to work on your grammar. Lastly, it kind of ended randomly. I think you need some sort of The End message like, "This is the end of my guide, thank you for watching".

Audio - Decent audio. I don't think that it really needs anything changed on it so good job here.

Overall, work on it just a little bit and this will turn into a better guide.


~ Review Request Club ~

piggy123 responds:

Ok thanks

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Jul 30, 2008
1:43 PM EDT
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