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Dr Evil flies across the earth in his jet plane and spreads the virus anywhere on earth. The nature of the virus is such that it spreads both on land and sea.
You can hit his plane by firing rockets from the spaceship.
Press the left and right arrow keys to set the angle of the rockets. Press the space bar to fire the rockets. You can select the auto firing option also. If the rockets hit the enemy, the enemy health gets reduced by 5%. If the enemy health becomes zero the game ends. If the game ends within 60 seconds you win the game and go to next level.

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cant give it a 10 sorry
gd game but the rockets were fast and wasent fun but ill give u a 9 4 effort :D
try to add where u controll ur ship and and to have an aimer to shoot the rockets and have multiple diffrent planes :D
try better next time :)gd luck;)

Bushy99 responds:

Thank you! I hope to improve in my next version of the game.

Lame... so very, very lame...

Where to start??

Graphics were poor. The best graphic was the map of the world you lifted from someplace... But artwork isn't everything and other people have put up worse graphics... how hard is it to do a stickman right?

But Controls... or the complete lack of... What do you call this? A game? Games are supposed to entertain, but this fails in that regard... I am sorry if I sound cruel, but it is the honest truth. There are no controls other than a very slow moving missle... It would almost... ALMOST.... be better if the missle was shooting from a stationary point rather than the purple bell floating across the screen. There is 60 seconds to kill all the enemies, it takes 60 seconds to turn the missle from one side to another.

Then there is the exciting story...

Dr. Evil, dropping virus' all over the world and they show up as little blue spots. ok... I can follow that. doesn't do a whole lot to excite me though... At the very least you could have called the hero Austin Powers or something...

I was reading a few previous posts, The speed still doesn't make it challenging or overly hard. Just so you know. I went through 2 levels of the same thing and couldn't take it much longer before having to write my thoughts out in a review. It is still easy, and if it gets Blammed, it's because it's a poor game. If you are worried about the speed of the aiming of the missle will get you blammed, you have bigger problems than that.

I read the name and thought it may be a pandemic type game. I was disappointed to see what I got. I am sorry if I come off a bit rude, but this game has very little value in replay, in entertainment, in anything... I would go back to the drawing board. Start by writing out a story or idea on a notepad or something, and let it grow from there. Don't make a game for the sake of making games, then tagging a story to it, the best games are non repetative, they involve you and they entertain. Make a game around a story... just don't make a game like this again please.

Better luck next time bud...

Bushy99 responds:

Thank you for your long review. It is certainly an encouraging review to improve the graphics and the game play.


im sorry, but i just really dont like this game. im not trying to be mean, but honestly, its just a terrible game.


The nature of the virus is such that it spreads both on land and sea;
a cheap way of saying the plane drops blue circles everywhere and I dont know how to make them just appear on land
youve redone this same game 3 times please come up with a new background and a new game

Bushy99 responds:

Your review manages to convey your message "now I got you, you SOB.
Thank you very much sir!


Wht is this? =)

Bushy99 responds:

A Flash game!!! I suppose!!!!