B&W Drama Theater

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the humble beginnings...

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B&W Drama Theater is the beginning of of the series. Animation was great, and very funny. Having two features in one was interesting.

I'll review each of them individually.
"Screen Door" - 7/10. I admit that the funny gag is pretty funny. I though the joke was going to be that the giant insect was her boyfriend. It makes as much sense as anything else here! The animation's pretty good.
"Scissors" - 5/10. I really couldn't get this one. Was there a lesbian joke in there somewhere? The audio didn't seem to match up. Maybe it's just my computer.

Mostly Pointless

It was a nice effort put into it and was a decent comedic way of introducing your new series to the portal and the people of Newgrounds plus it was a neat idea having a 2 in one sort of deal but I really liked the scissors one a lot more than the other it had some decent comedy and some decent sound quality although that was a bit muffly as well.

It really needs some more sound improvement especially with the beginning its not clear and Im not really able to hear it. The animation and quality of the flash really could use some better improvement even for the time being. The comedy wasnt even really all that funny although the scissors one had some decent comedy to it.

Some decent comedy in the scissors one but the other was pretty boring and if it had some animation and sound improvement then it could be better.

-TY Reviews


I especially loved the "scissors" one.

The Beginning

It is interesting to see how, since the beginning, both your animation and comedy styles have evolved for the better.

I rated this video a 5 because that, on my scale, is "average." These two shorts (in this convenient 2-in-1 pack of sorts) did not make me laugh out loud. How great to know the terrific work you put out only months after this one.

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3.32 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2002
1:48 AM EST
Comedy - Original