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This is my second post and it is the updated version of the previous one. this time im going for a fallenangel soul's as the main character. You can still double jump but you can also fly and dash in mid air. I've also made an mp bar which gets mana consumed as you use the skills. and btw THERES V CAM NOW. woooottzz

But right now im developing a code which i find really confusing... im trying to calculate the length between the center of a platform to the mc when it hittest the platform. with that measured, i can get the angle which is subtended between the perpendicular bisector of the breadth and the length mesured, hence with that angle i can tell if the platform is on the left side, top, right side, bottom of the platform, hence i can combine all the codes of the walls,platform, ceiling into one. And hence a glitch free game. andd dammm its really confusing as i don't know how to do trigonometry in flash, i can do trigo on paper and sheit like at skool cuz i tak additional maths at school... i think i can come up with the formula but i cant put it into flash... anyways its just to let you guys noe, i posted this question into the bbs but no one replied, so .....its all up to me now..

OOOO btw i forgot to tell you guys, While in the air, hold space and then a direction to air dash, that is all ! ^^ remember im a noob so vote fairly



Dude! just amazing. Imagine if you put those concepts into a real game!!!! those below me dont know that this is just to show the engine -.- they think its a full game but i tell ya, this has GREAT potential! keep it up bro ^^
When the final is out, its bound to be big!

Very cool concept

I liked the idea of being able to fly. I thought the engine was very smooth but is being able to jump off the walls a glitch? If it is I think you should keep it in there. Add more levels and this will be a great game!

iluvAS responds:

doooood wall jump is the acrobatist skill it aint a glitch read the instructions im gonna finish up this engine about end of this year... after that im gonna start developing the lvls and sheit... perhaps ill just post the 1st level the rest oif the level is a have to download kind of thing cuz its jus gonna take u hell load of time waiting for it to load

cool game.....bad ending, i just kept falling it n

you could have given better instructions, good game though, coulda been a bit longer

iluvAS responds:

well... i did the instructions in less than a minute as i was pumped up to show newgrounds my flying/wall jumping/ double jumping/accelerating movement platformer engine dat i worked my ass off ^^
and tehres no end cuz ...there isnt one to begin with. its just an engine with sucky lvl

Pretty dam weird

i likede the controls, but i didnt get WHAT you were supposed to do or where to go, i ended up jumping right and i just never stopped falling, make it more obvious next time.

iluvAS responds:

theres no end!!!! its a work in progress! thx for the nine though XD ^^

controls are anoyin but good game

hmmmmmmmm too tricky... the controls anoyed me... i kept flyin wen climbin up walls wen i didnt want to, and thn agen in mid air wen i wanted 2 dash etc, and btw, put the "hold space to dash" in capslock at the VERY start of ur game sumary thing... iw as guna say it was imposible until i noticed it wen i was going to review.... so tryd it agen... but controls wer still reli anoying... good game concept tho :)

iluvAS responds:

well i thought the controls are fairly easy... well if u want to perhaps a hold down space and up to fly? anyways.. as mentioned this is onli an engine with v cam and a pathetic stage, the fundamentals are still in progress so i cant really make a proper game until then... thx for the advise thoguh ^^

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Jul 29, 2008
9:17 AM EDT
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