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My First Flash Animations

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Author Comments

I've never used Flash before. I've been reading endless manuals and tutorials (Thanks everyone on Newgrounds for all of the helpful tutorials you've posted up!) and I've been making little bits and pieces of videos, none of them more than a few seconds long. I've strung them together (and tried to animate a little extra to explain it) and here you have it. Enjoy it guys. It may not be the best thing on here since it is my first animation ever made with Flash. Comment please!


The quality may be low, but...

I'm giving it 9!

Because, it was fun. Especially, the avatar at the end cracked me up!
But then, it was pretty dumb (not surprising for a first try) so I'm not giving it ten.

Keep polishing your skills, pal!

Aqlex responds:

Wow, I'm surprised you found it fun xD. It was just a silly test, and I think I've gotten much better now =P. Check out some of my newer stuff =)?

Not even worthy of a review.

This piece of crap is not even worthy of a review, but since I need to show you, I guess I'll have to say it.

Think of me as Simon, on American Idol, and your an auditioner. You come and say "Hi guys, this is my first time singing." OF COURSE your gonna get kicked out....which is the equivalent of being blammed here.

But sadly, some poor 12 year olds, give you 5/5 just because "Its your first flash".

People should not rate it by experience on the maker, but the quality of the flash itself. This is not the place for you to put your first flash. This is just a place for you to put flash, wether it be first or last. People should rate it as it deserves.

The animations honestly sucks. My first flash, which was much more decent than this, did not survive judgment. This is 196kb, mine 3MB, and had much more deep meaning than this.

It got blammed, but when I uploaded it again with a different account with the words "First Flash" (Which it was) in the title, it got a score of 3.54, as compared to the same thing being blammed just because it was not named "First Flash"

The only reason you even GET stars for this, is because of the first animation. Voice was added, animations was kind of alright, and lip synchronization was correct.

All in all...the only reason this still survives is because it is still your first flash.

Like seriously people, don't give people 10/10 and say "Nice one" when you don't even really watch the video. People just look at the file size, and give 5/5 in hope of getting protective points.....damn.

Current Score: 1.79 / 5.00 (- 0.0057)
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Aqlex responds:

Heh, I am actually amazed that this thing is still up. I wouldn't mind at all if it had been blammed, but I was new to Flash and new to Newgrounds at the time. I would never put up anything this crappy again, and I agree with you that it doesn't deserve to even make it past judgment. You should watch some of my newer stuff though! I actually put some work into that. One question though: How did you find this flash in the first place?

Youre learning =D

I dont do flash, but I know that its not easy to learn. Youre still just learning how to do things and the few bits shown here (while they may, in all honesty, suck) are your first steps toward becoming a flash artist. Keep it up man, it may be tough to learn but youve already got a head start. Good luck and never stop trying to improve and learn new things, thats the key to being the best.

Aqlex responds:

I've had some two years of practice now, and I think I can safely say that I improved somewhat xD. You should check out some of my newer animations!

Before submitting...

You should seek some assistance with whatever you need help with, which is the music, right? Get someone to help you out with making music in the movie. NG has a forum just for that and I bet people will gladly help you.

Aqlex responds:

Thanks for the advice. It was very useful xD


Looks good so far, but some of the animations were really bad. the walking cycle needs alot of work, but i did like the lip syncing and some character design. I could tell what tutorials you had used for the different flashes, so it's nice to see you have atleast tried to make your work better. Try to improve the animations, and some of the graphics i.e use masking for the windows. Keep trying and you'll do well.

Also macromedia exists, it just depends if you are using CS3 or lower.

Aqlex responds:

yeah, it was like my 2nd walk cycle ever though. I needed to start SOMEWHERE xD. Have you checked out any of my newer animations?

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Credits & Info

1.95 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2008
2:23 AM EDT