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http://www.xgenstudios.co m/play/territory-war-onli ne-3

After years of work and months of delays, Territory WAR Online comes to Newgrounds! Before you read any further, know that this is the DEMO version. If you want to know WHY this is the demo version, please see my lastest blog post here: http://afro-ninja.newgrou nds.com/news/post/160853

Territory WAR Online features more weapons, destructible terrain, new and improved stages (thanks to Poxpower and Swain), and most importantly, online play! This demo only allows quickplay functionality, but if you head over to territorywaronline.com you can sign up for your own account for FREE and play ranked matches that track your wins, losses, and much more! I am aware that player vs. cpu mode is no longer present, but trying to program an AI to play correctly on a dynamically changing level was beyond my scope for this project. I hope being able to play real people suffices!



i love the game.the graphics have improved and new weopons are awesome.10\10


ive always loved T Wars and i was hoping it would go multiplayer!

not very original

its just worms minus the worms and with less gameplay and i knnow people will vote this useless becuase i was spaeking my mind so whatever

so so

its was alrite i like it but couldnt log in for like 2days and this is second day so i wrote review but its was a good game keep it up

I haven't played the Demo version...

So I'll rate the full version. It's infinitely better than the original. New type of grenade, building walls and platforms, and a ROCKET LAUNCHER, plus the classic 3 weapons. The stage graphics are improved A lot, and the backgrounds are much better; It no longer just goes to white when you throw a grenade off the stage. The destructible terrain is AWESOME. With the addition of the option to build walls and platforms, you can pretty much tear down a level and rebuild it again, with enough time. And the levels themselves are a sight to behold. Like I said above, the graphics are improved, and when I look at the Island II, It looks like a brand-new level. My favorite level, though, is the one you didn't make. :) The ability to save your armies and choose them again the next time you play is nice. Typing in all 6 names every time is tiring. The new hats are cool, but You should have made some of them unlockable. And, of course, there's the online play. I actually find myself playing offline more than I do online. My computer is very laggy on this game. It's fast enough to play online at the lowest settings, but playing offline seems to make it faster. This is a very, VERY great sequel to the first game I played on Newgrounds.

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4.31 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2008
2:18 AM EDT
Strategy - Artillery