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Pertaining to the subject of theft:
If this file is seen at any site other than Shiftlimits.com, Fluidanims.com, or Newgrounds.com, please report the problem to administrators of the website. This video is NOT to be released anywhere else other than the previously listed websites. kthx <3

Thanks for the daily 2nd and OMG WEEKLY 5TH <3

The long awaited collaborations among collaborations (literally) is finally showing it's first face upon the world. Prepare yourselves as 5 amazing sticks move about firmly through your face, ears, and many other human body parts. There will be action... KAPOW There will be drama... [tear] And there will be a lot more onomonopias. Witness first ever 5-man Collaboration (And the never before seen S.T.X.D.F.H.T.K.S.): JCTLM


I was wondering what the name meant. It sounded like some weird tribute to "Johnny The Homicidal Maniac". The animation was so awesome in this. It's hard to tell which artist was my favorite. Okay, off the top of the head, I would probably say Terkoiz1. He's my favorite of you all in general.

My favorite part was probably with the demon. I also loved the closeups. In stick cartoons, that can be quite unique. I love how there's so much going on. It's everything you could want and more.

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This was awesome.

The animation, the clear differences yet similarities in style are great, and I'm glad your sticks came to an agreement... AND LET THE BRAZILLIAN ONE KICK THE DEMON'S ASS! YOU GET A STICK-COOKIE EACH!

I loved it! i especially loved the going up and crashing down scene. but the part i lived the most was jcamelo's face after he beat the devil in the ground. good job job guys.

That end music so soothing

wow that wasnt bad

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4.43 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2008
9:48 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place July 30, 2008
  • Weekly 5th Place July 30, 2008