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N: So Daniel, wh-

DR: Yeah Nick?!

N: .....What did you feel was incomplete about the original "Barnyard Shenanigans!"?

DR: Well Hank, I've always been less than satisfied with the original "Barnyard Shenanigans!". The special effects were sloppy, and the plotlines needed some adjusting. Kinda like Encino Man! Have you ever seen Encino Man, Ted??

N: ...

DR: ...

N: ...

DR: ..That was a great movie.

N: SO DANIEL. What exactly have you added with this new 'Special Edition'?

DR: Well Randy, the original had a running time of just 134 seconds. Many theaters refused to show it. That's why I've added 254 MINUTES to the running time, and removed any unnecessary intermissions. Barnyard Shenanigans now has all the drama and suspense of a DiDi7 infommercial!

N: Incredible. And you're releasing this movie into theaters when?

DR: ....I'm sorry if this trailer is misleading, Janet. This preview is to get all the kids out there hyped up for my new line of Barnyard Shenanigans action figures and video games! Not to mention the Barnyard Shenanigans clothing line available at a store near you!

N: Yes, Daniel. We are all aware of your merchandising for this film but..

D: AND what about the Barnyard Shenanigans dish and silverware set?! And the Barnyard Shenanigans soundtrack available on Pandemoniac Records a new division of Pandemoniac Productions! The same company that brought you "Barnyard Shenanigans: Special Edition!"

N: That's super. Now Daniel, your fi-..

D: And how EVER would you be able to wake up on time without a Barnyard Shenanigans alarm clock?! We're also releasing a new line of Barnyard Shenanigans posters and Barnyard Shenanigans bedsheets! Barnyard Shenanigans perfume! Barnyard Shenanigans toasters and other assorted Barnyard Shenanigans household appliances! Get Barnyard Shenanigans Happy Meals at a McDonalds near you!!

N: Daniel when is the movie coming out?

D: ...wha... oh. The movie? We'll get around to it eventually, I guess. I dunno.

N: Thanks for coming Daniel.

D: Sure!



Now this is fucking humor!

I had to watch this 10 times to soak in all the funny shit going on! Funny as hell!

can't wait

I'm not a big fan of trailers, but this definitely looks like a sequel to an already kick ass series. Can't wait for it to come out. I'd vote all 10's but I haven't done that for a trailer yet and I don't plan to anytime soon.

A Barnyard Shenanigans sequel?!?!

Wow I can't believe it... it's too good!


Awesome!!! I am on my way out the door in my Scooby Doo underwear to grab a set of tickets right now!!!!
I will Stand in line for 8 hours if I have to!!!
Excellent work!!! Glad to see this theme is going somewhere and somewhere quite funny!!!
I am looking to see some love scenes, a car chase with the animals and of course a nice ole FDA scene!!!

Keep up the good work!!!

FDA, baby!!!

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3.74 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2000
12:40 PM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Daily Feature August 11, 2000