fat boy's money crazy

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it's easy and fun :D
any suggestion is welcomed.


Simple, difficult

I don't really find this easy nor fun.

The graphics aren't terrible, the background looks okay, but the character could do with some detail. The coins are so bright that they're somewhat difficult to see, and the animation isn't very good or realistic, possibly because the character move so fast.

The gameplay was quite poor. The character moved so fast that it all came down to luck, I just spammed back and forth and got about 200 dollars, never got past the first level.

Make the coins fall slower and the guy run slower, and I believe you have a decent game.


You run around getting coins that you can't see. No powerups that I know of, and well it is funny to see all the coins collect on the floor, and knowing that the fat ass won't be able to bend over to pick it up. Well at least that's why I figured you have to catch 'em. So for the chuckle I will give you 4/10 rather than 3.


cool game

More fun than I thought it'd be.

The only thing I can really speak about that I didn't like..You can't see the coins for shit. You might wanna fix that. Or not, no matter. lol..Good game.

Some Points

At the moment its pretty much a game of luck not skill. there are too many coins on the screen at once and the "fat boy" although part of the story is to big to be manouvered easily to collect maximum coins.

The coins are also very small and completly the wrong colour for the screen, this makes them very hard to see. I suggest changing the background to something darker.

I agree with the guy below me as well that so many people have already made a game of this type, you need something to make yours different than everone elses, mabye some powerups such as those in blockbreaker games or a reward based levelling up system. with upgrades that can be bought with money collected.

Hope this helps a little.

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2.47 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2008
4:10 PM EDT
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