Nichus Meteorites

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This is a very simple game i made for the cartoon Jurassic Cubs, you can see the site of the cartoon on iSaurini.Com , it is still in italian, but soon they will make a english version. :)

You have to move this little yellow dinosaur named Nichus and get all the falling meteorites,
this becouse the sotry of the cartoon talks about a falling meteorite. :)


EDIT: Added some music and fixed some bugs :)


good but still needs more

music is needed and maby you could have a sprint button or something

Clean it up a bit

The concept seems a bit too simple, and the dino should only have his movement animation when an arrow key is being pressed. It would help if you made some sort of power-up to slow down the rocks, heck ANY power-up would be appreciated. Also, please add music, as the game felt kind of dry without it. Overall, great attempt, but this game is still an infant.

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Half of all Points

I gave half of all points cause animation of the running guy was good.
But game pretty lame and far away from orginality or clean controls (the guy keeps running a while even when no button is pressed).
and what about some music?


bel giochino semplice ma intrattenitivo...peccato che ci siano pochi autori italiani su newgrounds

Needs a little more work.

This overall is an ok game. I think it could get better though by just tweaking up the movements a bit because I had to move back in order to get a stone that was going right above the dinosaur. Also when one of the rocks hit the ground it gives you a life rather then taking one away, fix that. One last thing, I think it would be a little more interesting if you would add like a small metior with flames and make them count as 5 stones, obviosly it will be going really fast. Still great job and keep up the awsome work. :]

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3.81 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2008
10:20 AM EDT
Skill - Collect