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This is a theme a made and i wanted to make something to it so i put it in flash and WaLa!! something
if not nothing. I also had to be a little random and talk with it.It gave me more to do. Hope you like ^_^



wow :D

that was great!! I really liked that movie XD

no mal.

i liked how you made the people actually play the instruments in rhythm with the song. the rest. meh.

Want that track

This song was very relaxing and it was really cool how you put it to the scene of the musicians playing on the field. Okay, animation coulda been better, cloud tweens suddenly popped in and stuff but so what.
What counted for me was the mood. And that was the essence of this Flash.
Good job.
Also. I found myself watching this several times over and I noticed the voice fits in only the first time. So - would you mind submitting the track to the audio portal without the voices?
Would love to hear it there.

korielingo responds:

you mean you want to hear just the music right??


its a good song but could use some tidying whith the animations espeicily the ute players hands

Lol ><

This wasnt bad at all, but the fact that it could of been so much better...so i gave you a 7...

The song is cool...ill give you that, but why was their only one realistic guy and 3 other stick figures? >< the animation was kinda plain, but atleast the ppl moved okay...you also could of made the better animanted guy play his interment with more movement in his hands..cuz he was kinda zombie-like lol...

but i really liked the hopelessly confused narrator XD "...the random beat??" haha..makes you wonder lol.

well other than that you have room for improvement :) so keep up the good work.

korielingo responds:

the 3 stick guys where there becus i was to lazy to make them real looking lol

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2.61 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2008
10:15 AM EDT
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