Star Fighter: Demo

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If i get a positive response, i'll consider finishing this game.

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no need to finish i have seen enough

the force is not strong with this one.Sorry but there is no potental here, best just start another game.

nice start

It does need alot of work i liked the background but and i liked the effect you put on the enemies when you shoot them but the tie fighter needs movement and the x-wings need to be more difficult to hit than just moving across the screen overall it was a good start.

Here's the thing

This could be a game: Does it have it to be StarWarsy? and there's a lag time when i shoot, that needs to be faster. One more thing, look up some of the other demos on the site, then read the reviews for them. You'll see that you shouldn't put demos up, there's a huge majority that hate it and you're giving them a reason to not even give your game a second glance.

errr.... NO!

1. its a DEMO...
2. even for a demo is stupidly short.
3. It looks extremely blurry, witch make it look ugly.
4. feels like a horrible attempt at space invaders with a Starwars theme.
5. odd, crappy background image.
6. crooked firing compared to the ship movement.
7. And MUCH more work to be done to make something enjoyeble out of this.

quite good

the game itself is pretty good but the enemies are a bit blurry. you shcould get better sprites.

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2.14 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2008
3:01 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Tube / Rail