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EDIT: Daily Feature?!?! Holy crap, thanks a lot guys!
You must have really enjoyed the orange juice :]
EDIT: Front page!?!!? *Dies*
EDIT: Fifth place game; Month of July 2008.
I'd like to thank everybody that made this possible,
i never knew the game would be that popular :D
Glad you liked it, PM me if you have suggestions, or critiques.
Thanks a bunch :]

WARNING: This movie contains strobing colors, high pitched tones, and an angry computer;
By playing this flash game you agree as viewer that I, the author, am not at all
responsible for any injury that may happen to you. Thank you.


I'll never be the same after making this flash.
Every single letter made in this had to be done frame by frame,
the most tedious, back breaking progress that i'll probably never do again.
This isn't your normal test,
it helps you discover yourself, and compare yourself to others.
And yes, it's a quiz.
You get scored on every click you make, so,
pay attention.

Enjoy ;]

1. Select [cancel load]
2. Select each answer that is furthest to the left for every question.
3. When you get to the numbered task, select 36 in the top left corner.
4. Keep selecting answers furthest to the left.
6. Again, continue pressing answers that are furthest to the left.
Done now? When you get to your final score, it should be 51.
If it's something else, you did it wrong.


That was different.

But very cool. Everything about it was kind of creepy, but not so much that it scared me in any way. It was just awesome. I got a score of 56 (I think) on my first try, which isn't TOO bad. But out of 130(ish)? Ehh... well, it could've been worse.

Every letter fbf? EVERY LETTER?! That... I... I just hope you were given the 100% best for patience when you took this test. (Every single letter?!)

I liked how you changed how the typing sounded when the mood of the computer (or whatever you want to call it) changed. The whole computer with personality thing kind of reminded me of por-*COUGH*cough* something that *COUGH* has absolutely nothing to do *cough* with Portal. *AHEM.* I also liked the sounds and creepy(ish) music.

The humor in this is great too. Don't quite know why. The bagels part is funny, anyways. And the questions. Mostly the questions about bagels.

I'd also just like to say that I'm a big fan of people who respond to reviews. Seriously.

The concept? Simple enough. The execution? Dead on. Keep up the great work.

K-Guare responds:

56 is good, great job lad :D
Every. Single. Letter.
Well, i admit, the parts where it goes
faster were a couple letters per frame, but,
The smooth parts, yep. :[

Your the first person to notice the tone represented the mood,
you seem like a cool guy to me :D
But your the *COUGH* 5th person to *COUGH* say it was
a little *AHEM* like this *CHOKE* popular game called *LUGIE*

Fan of Review-Responders?
Dead on execution?
Do you have any flash submissions?
Let's make a great series, my friend.
Your the coolest person to ever review a submission of mine.

Take it easy :D

That was awesome!

Great quiz. You could create a series off of it. It reminds me somewhat of Portal with it being a testing facility and all.

BTW, I got an 84.

I look forward to your next submission.

K-Guare responds:

Thanks man, your now the 4th to say it reminded you of Portal.
Glad you liked it :D

New high score so far is 84,
(sorry, Lurkingdude :C)

Interesting game...

Made a score of 80- not too shabby!
Lol at the bagelz.
Everything was frame by frame, huh? Interesting...
That was the other... Interesting... part of this game. All the "Interesting..."s. ^_^

K-Guare responds:


80's probably the highest score somebody's posted here in a review,
so good job lad. :D
But nobody shall beat my score lol.
(Not that mine really counts...me knowing the good answers)
Bagels are delicious :D
Thanks for reviewing :]


lol i thought it was a joke for a sec cause i got a 69 but with the personilized score i guess it wasnt because it was on the dot good game and i think bananas go great with orange juice try its good and the answer to the guy under me its 130 it was in one of the reveiws

K-Guare responds:

Somebody else got a 69, that's pretty odd...
I think i'll make it so
you can't get a 69 lol.
But thanks for watching and reviewing,
i think i'll try bananas and orange juice in my spare time :D

Max score

This game was entertaining. It was slightly humorous, and I congradulate you on doing everything frame by frame. I'm just curious what the maximum score is, because I got 36 points...

K-Guare responds:

Max score is about 130,
and i'm proud of you,
36 is my absolute favorite number.
Good job, and thanks for reviewing :]

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4.20 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2008
8:58 PM EDT
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