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EDIT: Daily Feature?!?! Holy crap, thanks a lot guys!
You must have really enjoyed the orange juice :]
EDIT: Front page!?!!? *Dies*
EDIT: Fifth place game; Month of July 2008.
I'd like to thank everybody that made this possible,
i never knew the game would be that popular :D
Glad you liked it, PM me if you have suggestions, or critiques.
Thanks a bunch :]

WARNING: This movie contains strobing colors, high pitched tones, and an angry computer;
By playing this flash game you agree as viewer that I, the author, am not at all
responsible for any injury that may happen to you. Thank you.


I'll never be the same after making this flash.
Every single letter made in this had to be done frame by frame,
the most tedious, back breaking progress that i'll probably never do again.
This isn't your normal test,
it helps you discover yourself, and compare yourself to others.
And yes, it's a quiz.
You get scored on every click you make, so,
pay attention.

Enjoy ;]

1. Select [cancel load]
2. Select each answer that is furthest to the left for every question.
3. When you get to the numbered task, select 36 in the top left corner.
4. Keep selecting answers furthest to the left.
6. Again, continue pressing answers that are furthest to the left.
Done now? When you get to your final score, it should be 51.
If it's something else, you did it wrong.


:3 best score ever

a 7 is my score, that's why i think that this game fails :D

i loved this game just because it asked me questions that i wanted to answer to everyone , 10-10 and 5-5

K-Guare responds:

I'm quite glad you liked it. :]
Thanks for the good ratings, and review! <3


I would very much like for this to tell me exactly how well I did lol. Otherwise a very intelligently humorous game. Well done, sir.

K-Guare responds:

Thanks a lot! But how well you did is
for you to find out for yourself, kid.

Envisage doesn't know everything, now. :3
Thanks for the review!


This is a really cool and awkwardly amusing "personality quiz". You have a smart sense of humor my friend. I repeated the test a couple of times, responding to your questions differently each time only to learn that some questions ("Are you single?") proved to be funny and clever no matter how you answered. You should really think about creating different types of games with this kind of intelligent humor. Oh, and I got a score of 2 the first time I played this game... I certainly hope that these numbers are just randomly generated or that the quiz is scored like a game of golf. Anyway, great game, very amusing, fun to show to your friends. Awesome.

K-Guare responds:

Ingenious? Don't know about that, now. aha.

Thanks a lot Mr. Perry-Winkle,
I'm glad you enjoyed it. :]
I am actually planning on making more
MindFeed-similar kinds of games,
but I'm not too sure when the next will be out.

Just twiddle your thumbs or something until then.
Thanks for the review!


I wasn't sure what to rate this, it was brilliantly made, funny, the score was perfect for what tone you wanted (or most probably wanted) to put the viewer in.

However, the ending is giving you a description of your personality, and then a single number (which leaves plenty of speculation yet) that doesn't mean anything directly. I finished that "quiz" with a 17, completely unsure of what that number meant, whether it was good, bad or neutral. In an actual study, where the tester is trying to derive something from said test, giving the applicant a number to go on his way with is suitable, as something is retained. Here however, it loses all meaning and simply confuses your viewer. This could have very well been your intention, but I gather that the number actually means something, and that there is a perfect score, or some other achievement possible to derive from this.

I now post two questions,
1) What does the number mean? How is it calculated?
2) What makes the perfect score, perfect?

The fact that the viewer leaves the game puzzled, is part of what makes this game all what it is, so I will not be surprised, or even disappointed if you choose not to answer the questions, but an outright curiosity always exists with us.

Anyway, I gave a rating of 10, due to this being the most interesting thing I have seen on here in awhile, in addition to how well-made this was (see the first sentence of the review).

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K-Guare responds:

It's been a while since I've gotten a very uplifting review like this. :]
Here's what I'll tell you:

The number, essentially, doesn't mean anything.
This flash was more of an experiment.
What does the number mean? See, you're a curious one.
The normal viewer would answer this on their own,
which I'm sure you have also done, but asked me in this
review because you'd rather be right
than make a false assumption for yourself.
So everybody has their own idea of the importance of their score,
and the experiment of it all is to see
just exactly what that answer is.

As I say, some users will watch and say,
"Yeah, I got a 54! Best ever!!"
Others, "Shit, I got a 83. Ehg. I hate this game."
It's all just a bit of a self-analysis too.
How did you react when you received a meaningless number?
It's not always happy or sad either,
in your case it's with curiosity.

So I think that answers enough of your questions. :]
Thanks for playing, and thanks for reviewing!

good game

but how can you put a score on your mental abilities

K-Guare responds:

Maybe you can't?

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Jul 27, 2008
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