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Ash and the truck

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like the 2nd one, ive fixed the text so it stays on longer and is more centered.

Ash and crew go to kill surge because hes a douche bag(if youve played the game then you should know why!!) he steals the truck and all hell breaks loose!! not my best works(my personal favorite is "Newborn", but then again im heartless) but i like it nonetheless :D

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I like it.

I always enjoy flash movies that look like shit, because they are always the best to watch. I laughed at this. It was funny. I don't care if it doesn't look good. Driving the truck through the store? LOL! TRUCKS CANT FIT IN STORES IN REAL LIFE! FUNNY! Awesome.

Crayolian responds:


Not the best animation, but the humor was there.

I didn't laugh at all, but the jokes were funny.
Fix the trucks sprite so the little line of original backround isn't at the top of it.
Maybe put a narrative voice in, while leaving the text up. Make the voice one of those english rich book reader voices. If you understand what I mean.
Sound effects would be nice, you don't need one for every little bit of action, but some would be nice.
Also, more than one song.

Overall, it was okay, definitly not the worst thing I've ever seen on this site, and you have room for improvement, but you did a good job.

Crayolian responds:

damn, i thought i fixed that line thing. or was that the oak sprite i fixed....oh well.
well i really need to learn how to manipulate sound first but im sure we can work something out in the future :D

Good first

for a first this is good concept. but i would try to use less curseing i mean i know it is supposed to be funny and i understand but that much sorta makes it less fun to watch. cant wait for the next one hope this helps make the next one better.

Crayolian responds:

aww but the swearing is really why i made this. i take a simple concept(eg. swearing, abortion, talking pancakes(spoiler alert :D)) and i create a story behind it. but thanks for the good review


Its funny, and definatly creative but it has a little room for more improvement other then that I would give it an 8.5!!! So great Job man hope to see more from ya!

Crayolian responds:

see, this is the kind of reviews i like :D! positive, constructive criticism. you sir , are my new random newgrounds friend! well , i should have actually spent more time on this, but i just wanted a slightly better version on here. thanks for the good review

I don't really see what is so crappy about it

I don't really hate it, but next time it needs more sound effects, and maybe some custom sprites of the truck at different angles.

Crayolian responds:

yeah. i spent about an hour and a half trying to find sounds, but i kept getting nothing of interest. thanks for the review

Credits & Info

2.20 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2008
4:56 PM EDT