Quarantine Defender

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- XP balances and gameplay tested very well.

- Wave times increases each wave. (example; Wave 5/30 is not the 5/30 of the game. 2/30 ~)


Nobody must leave the quarantine zone!


Not bad

Not bad, but it's not great either. There are loads of games like this, so it could use something really cool and unique to top them. But rather entertaining, at least for a while.

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Hell yes

It was awesome. I got to level 21 with 626 kills. To really make this game awesome, add more locations, a weapons shop, you know, the typical zombie defence game stuff. The guy below me is obviously mentall ill because I would not have gotten 626 kills if you "can't hit anything" I don't think I'll try for the whole 30 again thoough. Maybe every 5 waves or something you can move locations? Or maybe it can cost experience. I don't know, but anyway, I liked it alot. Thanks for an enjoyable 30 minutes of my life.

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Very good game; a few issues

I really like this game, it's simple, addictive, and challenging. I don't have a problem with this game being too hard; although the price to repair the wall is a tad too high. I don't want to pay 750 xp to repair 10 damage. Maybe you should charge the by the level of repairs made; cheaper for less damage. The fact that you don't have much ammo and accuracy isn't too good is the challenge. I was fine with the defualt gun until Wave 10 or so. The airstrike helps A LOT while I reload. Perhaps the feature to hire additional snipers on the wall would make it more doable.

Great game, just needs some work if you make another.

Oh yeah...

If you make another game like this, could you please make the zombies even smaller, my magnifying glass distorts them and makes them look like gigantic horse hair... I'd just prefer to shoot at something around the size of a single pixel instead. That'd be awesome. Also, in addition to an increase in screen vibration, maybe you should black out the screen entirely with each shot, or even request that everyone wear a blindfold while playing the game. Remember, games are only fun if they are rediculously frustrating AND impossible, not just one or the other.

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its okay

however, that annoying screen shaking, yeah thats gotta go.

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3.19 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2008
5:01 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed