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Quarantine Defender

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Author Comments


- XP balances and gameplay tested very well.

- Wave times increases each wave. (example; Wave 5/30 is not the 5/30 of the game. 2/30 ~)


Nobody must leave the quarantine zone!


Nice D-Game

Usally I find ever flaw in a game and trash it. and someone did say "been there and done that" but you could fix that.

Right now it is a game that keeps you playing, but have played many like it too.

you could totally turn that around. someone else said it took like 4-5 levels to upgrade. now in my opinion its fine, cuz easyer upgrades makes the game to easy. but the second upgrade is REALLY EXPENSIVE. i think if you cheapen them or put more xp gain per quarantinee that should help.

another thing i thought you could add is a selection of guns. like if you made different guns and different upgrades. like if you added a sniper rifle then you could be dead accurate (depending on rifle) 1-5 shots. but SLOW reload time. Or a deasert eagle, not very accurate, medium reload, but extreamly powerful.

Also if you added weapons you could add traps, like 100xp for a land mine, so you can help protect your wall, or razor wire that does a % of damage or slows them down.

those are just some suggestions but i think that if you do add more to the game you wont get so many "been there done thats" and you tottally have a front page possability

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Slow Down

it was pretty awesome. I enjoyed playing this, but it took about three or four levels until i had enough xp to upgrade something. It was still pretty good though.


"Been there, done that." This is one of those shooter defense games, similar to storm the house. The problem is that nothing sets this apart from any other game in the genre. Shoot the guys coming toward you, eventually reload, and sometimes buy upgrades. Very formulaic.

On the topic of upgrades, they felt kind of bland. While storm the house 2 showed you pictures of cool new weapons to buy and said things like "This baby boasts amazing accuracy, but is a little slow at reloading," this game had very boring upgrades. "Upgrade gun," then choose "Upgrade damage, upgrade firing rate, etc." There was no style or originality in it! Why not, instead of just "Upgrade accuracy," say something more creative and relevant, like "Purchase scope V1 (Then V2 and V3 and so on)?" Also, you gain Xp very slowly, and for those long patches of upgrading nothing, you get kinda bored. Why not let the player upgrade every two or three rounds, to keep him interested?

On to the graphics. They were alright, really. I could see that I was a guard shooting people, but it doesn't get much more detailed than that. No complaints, no praises.

The gameplay was solid but repetitive. I liked the way the screen shook when you took a shot, however, I thought the "Hold for half a second to shoot" system really didn't fit for this game. Your enemies move very fast in contrast to other shooters, and it doesn't make sense to have to hold to the button to fire. This made for some awkward gameplay, but at least it added a challenge.

The sound was also just average. The sound of the gun was pretty good, a crisp, piercing sound. Some background music would have helped, though.

Overall, this was a very average and bare-bones shooter defense. There were a few good elements, but they weren't enough to set it apart from others.

I hope I could help!

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It's nice

Good, but seems familiar....

It was good, but I could swear that I've seen this exact game, or one almost exactly lke it, somewhere before...

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Credits & Info

3.19 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2008
5:01 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed