Elite Forces:Conquest

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Droids are threatening world domination and there are only a few humans left to stand up to them! Defend key territories from an onslaught of merciless droids as you struggle to protect the precious resources you have left.

To Use hero - move it near enemies, so He will shoot them down. Hero shoots in auto-mode.

Build towers from the same group to raise a total damage. Each group of towers increases something special for all groups.
WASD/Arrows for moving hero, 1-9/Mouse_wheel - changing weapons, P - Pause, Space - highlight hero.
-/+ - changing speed of game, Holding Shift - makes game faster.
If game is to tall or to wide - just use F11(fullscreen).

Don`t forget to tell me what to add, or what you like to fix.
1.267 added Turkish and Chinese translation, if there any mistakes, plz tell me.
1.26 added Training mode - there you can use any hero and any towers, and money will not be spent.


Probably the best defense game ive played

and ive played a lot of defense games, it can get a bit crowded on screen at times but the gameplay is great and it has near limitless lifespan GREAT job

Badim responds:

tnx man. if you wanna add something to game, feel free to PM me with your wish =)

good, but not necessarily intuitive

first off, i really liked this. as might be evidenced by my having played it for the last 7 hours straight. the strategy involved with the changing roads is good, and those damn hero seeking flying mobs are a pain, but fun to try and thwart.

i noticed someone said they couldn't find where to spend their points. this is valid, since i only found that menu on accident. to anyone reading, it's on the right of the main map screen. click that thing and a menu for skills pops out.

someone else said there was no way to plan for the created roads. this isn't true. the game highlights unpaved roads in red on the maps. you can tell exactly where they are going to occur.

i really did like this game. especially that upgrading towers completely changes how they play. for instance, early in the game, earth2 towers are about the best thing you can have, combined with ice towers.

Badim responds:

tnx man. Skill menu will pop-up every time you will get 2 free skill points, i just don`t want spawn lots of information at first time.

ASS-ASS-in (on the highscore) me me me

Fucking addictive!!! I was up til 2:30 with this Until I remembered to have dinner anyway, use a combo of Ice and earth turrets at the start, first have 5 earth then 5 ice then use whatever the hell you want but be sure to use those 2 first. awsome game again fun and grinding but then again thats what makes this game fun.
and remember people 5 EARTH THEN 5 ICE!!!!! you'll thank me later.

Badim responds:

tnx! But all towers is good =) Even wind towers or death.

Help section needs work

A few problems that drag this game down. The first being that I get 1 point for winning a level but the game doesn't say what to do with that point. If I am meant to exchange it for upgrades then how many do I need, and how do I exchange it.

The other problem is the spawning roads. Without any way to tell where a road will spawn I can build an unpassable wall of towers blocking all roads, only to lose on the last level because a new road spawns behind me. The game doesn't offer a way to move my towers so when this happens it's game over.

Badim responds:

Actually it almost impossible to build on roads that will spawn in late game, that is one of best improvement from ef_defense was. But i wil check why you was able to build there.

Better than Defense!

Challanging, Fun, slioghtly repetitive, But great game.

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3.80 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2008
2:45 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional