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Daze of our Lives 4

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Author Comments


For starters, the 78 hour gaming record is made up. I couldn't find the actual record, although i remember hearing about this Asian guy who died after playing for too long. If you know the actual record, I would be glad to hear it. I already know theirs a series called High School Daze, I swear on my life, I had no idea that was around when I started this series. Im really proud of this submission, I finally did everything I wanted to do. Play pause menu buttons, scene selection, bonus features, <b>outtake after the credits</b>, and shadows on all the characters. So I hope you enjoy, I respond to all reviews.

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Best thing since Grifball

That was just great. Nothing says fun like hurting the guy that does all the work for The Middle Finger.

MrBallistic responds:

Thanks a million!

question time

is it even leagal 2 name a store the middlwe finger like some kid comes out of kno where and go 2 a cop and stick up the middle finger then runs away and says its leagal there is a store called the middle finger if i was the cop id shoot the kid

MrBallistic responds:

Thanks for the 9. Its probably not leagle to name a store the middle finger, but uh, as for the rest of the review. I have no, idea, what you are saying.


this was awesomely funny

MrBallistic responds:

lol kthkxbye

Review power :]

Yeah, I liked it. I really did. It had some charm to it which made it watchable and strangely like-able. However...

I thought the drawings were rather crude and a bit blocky and the animation wasn't really that fluent. I thought there should have been more of it as well as most of the time the characters were stationery and not really doing much :S

The voice acting was good, I liked the fact it was a group of friends just doing a fun lil cartoon. The script wasn't the best, some of the jokes fell heavy and the punch lines were expected but the whole thing was still of good quality and, despite the dramatic change of plot for understandable reasons, I liked the idea. I thought the second one was actually a bit better as it was less cliche.

The best thing about it was the special features really. I liked the commentary and deleted scene. You seem like friendly, funny people :)

The one thing, a small personal question, is how could he just decide he doesn't want to be your friend anymore? I didn't like the way you bad mouthed him to be honest so this reason better be sex tacular.

I'm a sucker for these kind of cartoons, as I made one myself. A couple of friends writing and voice acting a nice little story :P I thought it needed to be reviewed for that reason. I'd love to see more of these and I'm looking forward to seeing the score.

So overall, not the best animated and drawn cartoon but I still really liked it :) I hope you show your friends these reviews too. Make 'em put some funny input which I'm sure they're capable of [insert more kiss ass here.]

Anyhoo, I've rambled on for way too long, it shows how bored I am. Perhaps a 74 hour gaming session is what I need? ^_^ Keep up the good work blaw blawh.

MrBallistic responds:

Have you ever seen someone hit a dog? Yeeeah, thats what that friend did to me. Maybe i wasnt clear enough on what a fucker he is. Oh, and your going to need a 78 hour gaming session to break my record! Seriously though, this is the best review Iv ever seen. I shall take all of this into effect!

that was great

the sound was sorta hard to hear at times but the animation was good and plot was also funny.
Loved it when they threw the bodys in the lake.
keep up with the good work.

MrBallistic responds:

Thanks for the kind words! And i had a water effect for the lake but it broked :(

Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2008
12:46 PM EDT