Sunday School 14

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Ms. Doyle discovers she is adopted and decides to confront her real parents. Meanwhile, Eric becomes friends with an orphan vampire and tries to teach him the ways of Christianity with disastrous results.

Sunday School Episode Fun Fact: Vampires are unable to digest anything besides blood, usually causing them to vomit anything they do try to digest.

Sunday School Episode Fun Fact #2: This episode sucks really hard.




gothic rose

loved it and theres truth in it to

Oh man, i never get tired of these!

Keep up the great work man - been a long time fan, hope to see lots more quality work from you in the future.


i got to ask, did something like that happend to you? in this and all the other episodes.

EricSullivan responds:

Some stuff in some episodes were based on actual events in my life, but most are greatly exaggerated. For example, in episode one where I draw the penis picture instead of Jesus, in real life it was just a stupid made-up character I drew instead. And in episode 3, where Christy pisses on me, in real life a girl just kissed me on the cheek in a bathroom. Nothing majorly perverted.

For the record, though, there's absolutely nothing based on anything that happened to me in real life in this episode.

Dang man

The bios were a neat touch and you did develop Ms. Doyle in your traditional messed up way (orgy baby lol) I thought vampires could drink other things it just wouldn't satisfy them. Poor Lewis; I guess the lesson here is don't let stupid 9 year olds try to convert people. I hope you keep this series up (even though heaven knows how screwed up things will become).

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Jul 26, 2008
5:22 AM EDT
Comedy - Original