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Heroes - Lost valley :: 2

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** ADVICE **
It might just be my computer, because it's pretty darn old. But there's a few parts in which the animation gets highly graphic intensive. So, Medium/low quality recommended. Right click menu for the win.
** /ADVICE **

Well well well. On june 2006, this animation was born. Starting as a simple project and an attempt to animate a rhapsody instrumental song (in this case, Heroes of the lost valley). This year, I was asked to enter a flash animation contest nationwide among students on final year. Heroes of the lost valley won the first place, of course, after some reanimation and fixing.

Most add-ons have been on the second scene of the movie, if you've seen the first version you might notice them. I took a lot of inspiration from Addam Phillips on what backgrounds are concerned.

I apologize for the lack of... storyline. I was just animating what came to mind.

Thanks a lot for viewing. :D Enjoy, and leave a review, because you can. Help me improve.

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Eh, could be better.

Not bad, but not great. A few things set me off:

First, you could have used some voice acting in the first scene. The speech bubbles were a tad amateurish and took away from the seriousness of the flash.

Secondly, it ended abruptly. He gave that speech and then it just ended. It made it seem more like a public service announcement than a serious flash. I think another scene would have been good to put in there, rapping everything up.

The backgrounds were pretty good, but the animation of the characters' walking sequences and the moving of the arm in the second seen could be improved on. Make the walking a little more subtle as to not make it appear that the character is marching through some sort of knee high mud. Less is more.

And, when the man was moving his arm during the speech, it looked like the arm was three separate pieces and had two elbows. Make the shoulder joint a little higher and make sure that when you're tweening the arm, that everything stays together and doesn't create gaps or breaks.

Overall it was an okay flash. With some improvement, it could be pretty good. Keep working on it.

Blaze responds:

Thanks! Actually, as far as voice acting goes and as far as adding a new scene goes, I would've done it; But as I stated earlier this flash is a "Music Video", and the "speech" in the end is STILL part of the song, and that's where the songs ends. :P

Thanks for your review!

could have been better

Backgrounds and stuff were very nice. Animation could use work tho. The walking, running, flying all were mediocre. They kind of glided across and didnt really seem to believable. When u walk u kind of bounce and slowdown/speed up, not just travel smoothly across the floor. Just a lil tip to look out for

Blaze responds:

Alrighty, thanks for the review!