Sprite A Day : 31

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*O...Oh My God, IT'S BACK?!?!, I Know, some of you are cheering, and some of you are really pissed... most likely pissed, but do we give a crap? Take a wild guess.*

Today's theme was Yoshi
Tomorrow's theme is Pokemon

How to Join tomorrow's
Dimensions : 400x200
Frames Per Second : 24
- V-Cams Are Fine, Use them as you wish.
- No need to name everything in your library, trust me on that, i got a faster way.
- you MUST use sprites
- only good parts will be accepted. PERIOD.
- don't put any actionscript in your parts
- use streaming sound and not events

Once you finish your part PM me a link to download the .fla, Or contact me on skype. Deadline Is 8pm Tommorow (EST)

skype - PaperBat15

OHHH, And you guys can thank Bloo-Apple for Coding YOUR PRECIOUS LITTLE PLAY ALL BUTTON, NOW GET OFF OUR ASSES, thanks.



M'kay, 1st skit was awesome, second one was a little confusing. Wth was Yoshi gulping down? It was a translucent white and looked to be liquid . . .

3rd skit was, in my oppinion, the best. The suicide leap off a cliff, with the music used, was brilliant. Unforgettable. 5/5

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no more retarded stuff and actually some quality, altough i didnt get the second film, the first and third were great, you put more quality in this SaD then in all of the previous ive seen together.

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Is this still sprite a day or is it v2?

This sprite a day is way better than the ones before with meatwad in them. i almost thought it was a knock off cus it was so much better

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PaperBat responds:

lol thanks, lol yea this is Sprite A Day


I have heard about your Sprite A Day series, but I have never got to watching one. So I watched this one, and to tell the truth, it was stunning. It's great to see that a quality piece of work like this can be done in so few days. My favorite skit was probably the tongue one, when Moon from Zelda came down I was cracking up! Now, in the second skit, did you use music from Animal Crossing? I might be crazy, but it sounded remotely similar. I also like the opening loading screen, do you use that for every flash in the SAD series? I know you guys have been receiving a lot of crap from people. Just don't listen to them. You guys are not spammers, you create quality flashes, which is very rare. On that note, keep up the fantastic work!

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PaperBat responds:

Thanks alot for the review.

Yea, we dont pay much attention to the haters, lol.

Totally Woythett!

M333 LUVVDIDD IT S000000000000000000 MUCH, I'M GONNA SLEEP ON THE BARE FLOOR OF MY BASEMENT TONIGHT! N'yuk, n'yuk, n'yuk, n'yuk, n'yuk, n'yuk. That's a Stooge thing. But, however...Yoshi never dies! And he's not 17! He's 20!!!!!!!!!! He's currently gonna be a 15th grader at Northwestern in Evanston, IL. I loved the Flash however. Good job! Perfect 5! Perfect 10! J00 ROX0R!!!!

PaperBat responds:

Thanks, i guess.

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Jul 25, 2008
7:55 PM EDT
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