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Sprite A Day : 31

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*O...Oh My God, IT'S BACK?!?!, I Know, some of you are cheering, and some of you are really pissed... most likely pissed, but do we give a crap? Take a wild guess.*

Today's theme was Yoshi
Tomorrow's theme is Pokemon

How to Join tomorrow's
Dimensions : 400x200
Frames Per Second : 24
- V-Cams Are Fine, Use them as you wish.
- No need to name everything in your library, trust me on that, i got a faster way.
- you MUST use sprites
- only good parts will be accepted. PERIOD.
- don't put any actionscript in your parts
- use streaming sound and not events

Once you finish your part PM me a link to download the .fla, Or contact me on skype. Deadline Is 8pm Tommorow (EST)

skype - PaperBat15

OHHH, And you guys can thank Bloo-Apple for Coding YOUR PRECIOUS LITTLE PLAY ALL BUTTON, NOW GET OFF OUR ASSES, thanks.

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im relly glad its back i love sprite a day

great job!

I'm glad its back, though I recall dante224 saying he was going to lead them. oh yeah and thanks for using my brothers (Skybind's) song!

I'm so happy it's back. =D

Before i start reviewing you guys i wanna say i was highly disappointed to hear this series ended mainly due to haters and trashing on it for unknown reasons i was a huge fan of this because i always have been a huge sprite flash fan ever since i started coming to Newgrounds as a vistor in 2001 and even if it's under new management so to speak (no meatwadsprite) i'm sure it will be just as good in not better and hope it sticks around for a long time. :)

Paperbat - Lmao that was a twist with the Moon from Majora's Mask falling on Yoshi and then having the XBOX 360 achievement unlocked logo saying you fail was a great add-on too,great skit. :)

MaddFlash - Having Longcat as Yoshi's tounge,a funny idea.

Fede - Sad to see Yoshi commit suicide like that and the end really didn't fit with it but i still got a laugh out of it.

Its back

But not as good as theold one

I give you 6 stars
and 1 bucket o'crap

It's back

this time with even more longcat