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Jul 25, 2008 | 5:48 PM EDT
  • Frontpaged July 29, 2008
  • Daily Feature July 26, 2008
  • Weekly 4th Place July 30, 2008

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Author Comments

** Patch 2.3 - Really just bug fixes and general tuning. Nothing of specific note. (Patch 2.2 was made for Kongregate and therefor did not apply to NG).

** Patch 2.1 - Patch Notes can be found on my Userpage if you want the details of what was added and changed.

A note that the old game had that I left out here - This game is kinda hard on the framerate (my fault), especially when things are hectic onscreen. There is an FPS counter that you can turn on in the Options menu. If everything seems to be moving slow, check it. The game SHOULD be hovering around 30 frames a second. If you're dipping significantly or constantly, there are a couple things you can do: If it's mostly a problem when tons of things are happening onscreen all at once, you can turn down the Spawn Limit in the options menu. This will put a soft limit on the number of enemies on screen at once, and potentially help keep the game from bogging down to far. You can also (obviously) turn down the Quality a notch, as I've found this helps a lot. Just fiddle with things until you get the game running where you are comfortable with it.

Another note - If the sense of mystery and randomness is not your thing, and you want some guidance as to how to do and see everything (and advice on which Rewards to pick, to boot!) OmegaMario has composed a Guide for players based on his playing of the game. Keep in mind that this is full of **SPOILERS** (that's sorta the point, really) and I was not involved in it's creation - everything here he discovered and composed on his own. Bravo, I say!

Find it here: http://omegamario.newgrou

A brand new version of my previous game, Amorphous+ is a fast paced, hectic melee of multicolored blobs. Veterans of the older version will recognize the following new features:
*PAUSE* - omg, press spacebar
*Progress Saving* - Now with a sense of continuity and accomplishment!
*Awards* - Gain awards to mark your achievements as you play
*Rewards* - As you earn awards, you will unlock useful tools and abilities to help you survive
along with a number of little tweaks and additions.

The music is Still all by Revolution Void - which you can disable in the Options menu - but you shouldn't, because they're awesome.

Hope you enjoy it!

ProTip: You can just click through all the intro crap at the beginning to get to the game. You're welcome.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Love this game, so addicting, so fun!

This game is a big improvement to the older version, pase and save were definately a need, and i love the new "achievement and reward" system.

I have met all the creatures, and the queen is definately a toughy, i like the tricks to kill some enemies, like the metal thing (forgot name) you must attack as it is shooting it's spike, and the horror, you must attack when it is shooting the disks, watch out or you will be easily killed! The thing that pulls you tward it (also forgot the name >.<) with gravitational pull must be killed when it is charging its lazers or when its firin' its lazers!

The two most useful rewards i have found are the armor (1 hit = boom for enemies) and the SCAER turret, especialy when you earn the "s" slot (you can use TWO rewards, a, and, s.)so you can use both, armor, and turret, :D...
Lot of em' i haven't found yet! (is the unnormal key one for all acheivements?)

If you want to know a couple uneasy to figure out acheivements, i will tell you....

1. Kill an enemy while blinded by and inkie, and if you survive you get two!
2. dont fight for 30 seconds, just avoid. (the rewards dont count for this!).
3. kill one of each creature, 1 time, or an unknown amount for a second one!
4. DIE DIE DIE, die in different ways, or just die 35, 50 or 100 times!
5. Get killed by a biter at edge of arena, this also works with a furry dude thing...
6. Kill globs when they are fusing, or scare a purple thing out of the arena!
7. Let the purples shoot you and get alot on you, or hit a spikey against an enemy, or out of the arena.
8. Beat whole nests, small, big, and huge! Or last long in bounty run!
9. Play for up to 1 hr 30 mins! Pause for 2 mins. Or train for 10 mins.
10. Hit stuff that you cant break all the time, spikeys, boulder dudes, and metal guys... (still forgot alot of names.... >.<)50 times! (the warranty on the sword said not to, but what the hell, who cares....)
11. Get big combos! Kill multiple enemies for big points and big multiples for big combos! (kill more than 1 enemy at a time, more per swing = more acheive...) (oh yeah and kill for higher points for it some too!, best ive done is 113...)
12. Get stuck in yellow goop for a while, or survive explosions! (fire bombs!)
13. Be a picky jerk and look for new songs, hey maybe you'll get something new after the fifth time *wink*...

Well that basicaly rounds off almost all the types of acheivements, right?

(sorry ,innocuous but, i had to....)

Love the game, this can almost be untoppabale!
But, there's always improvements for everything, for let's face it, nothings perfect, even though this is almost that.

My ideas for if you want to make another version, or a sequel.

1. Usable points, not just keys for rewards, i mean like useing your points from games for like more lives for a round...Or a story line (or was there a story line in number 1? I forget.... >.<')... An online highscore table, so ppl can show their greatness!

Thats it, yup, 1 suggestion!
Thats how perfect this is, and let me tell you, I usualy put like 5-10!

So great job dude, and i really hope to see more of this awesomeness!


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innocuousGames responds:

I agree completely that this is a big improvement over the old game. No doubt. I'm particularly proud of the Awards.

No need to apologize, I feel a certain satisfaction at engendering a sense of comraderie and cooperation among players. The idea of purchasing "disposable" power ups is actually pretty cool. I like that idea. Would give Bounty more of a purpose rather than just for score. Online High Score tables would also be a good idea. I should look into that at some point.

As I've said, a Storyline in the Amorphous universe would be abstract at best. But who knows... maybe there is awesomeness to be had there after all...

Thank you for the Review!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

go 4 iphone

they should so make a version for the iphone

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

too... addictive!

hey, what is youre fav award?reward?Gloopie?


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I've been playing it since thursday, its super addicting and fun. Something ive noticed is that even when you get killed stupidly a few times its not pissing off at all. Were it another game i'd quit or get like that german ritalin-needing kid. The awards have some nice humor in 'em. They make you feel like youre achieving things. The "scientific" aspect of the descriptions made you feel all the more daring to venture into the nests. I cant think of much to change. Overall, amazing game. Havent played one like it for a LONG time. Deserves all my 5/5 10/10.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Inavative and fun

A very good job a intressting concept enemy interaction with enemy. maybe if you made it so that it could be a bit more complex and had more types it could even be better . like for instance maybe had somthing like when a sticky and a melter came togther it formed somthing that would leave a long trail behind it of melting sticky mess. ect... being creative is the key to these kinds of games i really enjoyed this it gets a 10\10

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