Young Ghost Buster

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Shoot the attacking ghosts and score points,
go to next level, before your health is zero.
Move the mouse to aim the bullets.
Click the mouse to fire the bullets.


Its okay

If you make a 2nd one maybe make the backround a mansio and do use the ghostbusters theme song and make the character more detailed and more like the movie and ghosts are okay make sure the character can move around

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rajiaugust responds:

If the character moves around it would be very easy to destroy the ghosts. Where can I get ghost busters theme song? I consider your suggestion about a depleted mansion background (mansio?) a good one.

poorly done

you should put some effort in it next time

rajiaugust responds:

No game can be developed without any effort. You should have said more effort.


its just the name the game isnt worth of playing it

rajiaugust responds:

Are you an English speaking person? Your grammar is not worthy of reading!


This is an unlicensed game. the only reason its called Ghost Buster is to get you're attention. Its just a bad game. its painted up to hide the fact that its just circles flying around to try to get to the center of the screen. you must shoot those circles. thats rediculous.

rajiaugust responds:

LOL! What is an unlicensed game? Who gives a license for a game? Your review is just a combination of English words made into meaningless sentences. What do you expect in a flash game anyway?

improve the quality

and instead of that song why dont
u add the ghost busters theme?

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rajiaugust responds:

ghost busters theme? Where can I get it.

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1.90 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2008
9:10 AM EDT
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