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Animation: The Mathmatics

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the math presentation topic was simple, anything vaguely related to math. so i chose something i knew best: animation.

let me also state that while half of animating is technical, the other half is innate talent.

every presenter gets comments from the classmates. the most common criticism i get is my social public speaking skills, especially not talking loud enough. well i can't help it if it's been my habit for years. there's comments that the music kinda drowns out my voice. seriously, i think these people should've at least told me so during the presentation. some people also complained about my language. i didn't understand that, since the teacher basically uses the same words so why the hell didn't they complain to him?

despite all that, pretty much everybody liked the song and of course the impressive animation. i got some good laughs from the class out of it.

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Relaxing...wait? I'M LEARNING?!?!

Nice and short, useful stuff right there. Like the style, music, and character. Needed a back button, though. Keep it up!


PhiTuS responds:

learning is fun!

Really interesting

A simple way to describe what is needed to make a good animation, this would work as an introduction movie to an animation course. Good Job.

i needed something like this

it has little text and animation.. that is true


it explains very VERY good.. how shit works!
This is a MUST SEE for aspiring (Flash) animators.

Liked how you put up all the PROs & CONs - let the people decide for themselves as to say.

Well done! Can you create a tutorial on facial expressions?

Bad art

it didnt look good, wasnt set up well 12 fps is not good for fps at all 24 is good for fps and 30 is for tweens

PhiTuS responds:

that's awesome. you want a cookie?


Simple but explains a lot. You should have a back button though

PhiTuS responds:

oh, right. i didn't feel like i needed a back button while presenting this in class.