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Welcome to Neo Orb!

Follow the story of Space Chicken as he travels to ancient ruins in search of hidden wonders. Unlike some other swapping-puzzle games, Neo Orb allows for total freedom to set up chains, letting you make any move you want at any time. Just be sure to keep an eye on that timer...

Go for the high score, enjoy the story, or just have fun. This game was created simply to enjoy, so I hope you do! (And be sure to check out the backstory for all the animated details.)

EDIT: Some folks are having trouble. The instructions are in the intro- don't skip it the first time! Sorry about that, maybe I should have told folks. I didn't think you'd skip the intro/tutorial.

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The graphics are beautifully done and the cutscenes are never bland. I really like the way the characters in cutscenes move, and you have an AMAZING voice. SC's voice is incredibly unique.

However, I found the music to be absolutely EAR DESTROYING. I mean, it's well put together, and it does sound professional, but it's the same few seconds over and over. The tune isn't that good to begin with... though I heard a hint of the "End of cartoon" FTM jingle in it, and that made me smile. :)

The difficulty curve is a tad steep and even with two tries it can be difficult. FTM appeals most to a relatively young audience, and this is going to frustrate them.

But... really, WOW. I shouldn't neglect to mention that despite it's flaws I'm incredibly impressed by it. I've been a fan of yours for quite a while and if anyone told me that this relatively small cartoon serious could one day branch off into a game this excellent and professional I'd think they were crazy. Yeh done a great jorb there, JKR.

By the way, in case you didn't notice from my username, this is periwinkle_sc from your forum. :D

Anyway, it's good to see you release something again. :P Byyyeee.

Very good.

Game was getting good, then I lost control. I could not do anything but watch the time rundown. Very very nice game. Just need to work out a few more bugs.

Very Enjoyable Yet.....

I found the game to be alot of fun. It was challenging perhaps to much so. (for me anyway) I would've loved to see the whole story stringed together but I got stuck on the 4th door 3rd level. It was funny and somewhat witty, voice acting wasn't to bad either. I'm just disappointed that I wont get to see the whole story because I'm inept at this game because of the controls. It's a good game concept but its rather limiting imo

NEEDS MOAR WORKZ !!!!111!!!1

hahahaah NICE Needs More Work >:)


really great jkr!

oh, and the instructions are in the first animation... when you start the game...

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3.86 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2008
9:33 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other