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haray ive finished it,and now my shoulder hurts.
but anyway i feel realy confident about this cause its soooooo much better than the other one.

2 over drive moves
better animation
no v-cam
moves are faster
only 1.15MB

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Improved compared to the first, but you should add a story, a overlimit bar for a ultimate attack, and more options.
the rest is amazing!

the game was not bad i not shore if my hp was ment to go 16,000 or my mp to -1600 but i thort it was kinda cool to be able to do it


Compared to the first one, this IS an improvement, but the enemy attacks are still dependable on your attacks, and Px's Idle animation is too fast. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too fast. The engine is single tracked and there are only two additional moves. This, AND Px thew several dagers at a time, not to mentoin that he's nonelemental, rather than Ice elemental.


its alright, but the boss is too predictable, and since the damage is completely static, there is no risk since there is no change in it.
It really just devolves into casting an attack spell, which triggers his spell, heal when needed, overdrive, repeat...
Animation is nice, though the lack of movement for the boss is ehh.


This is a very cool idea, but there are a few problems. There is very little variety and there is no challenge to be had at all. The only time the enemy uses anything other than the basic attack is in response to an overdrive. The game is easily beatten by selecting "attack, attack, attack, attack, heal, attack, attack, attack, attack, heal..... Overdrive, attack, attack, attack, heat, etc."

Nice effort. I hope this developes into something great.