Stick RPG: PSP Adaption

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Author Comments


Don't dismiss this as an overly long Author Comments section; some of the text is instructions! The paragraph below contains my actual comments. Below that are instructions to getting the game onto your PSP, and the bottom contains lists on the updates I've made to it.

Before you go off ranting on how this isn't as good as the real Stick RPG, know this: The memory capacity for the PSP's internet browser is about 1 MB, so I had to be very careful on what I did, and how I compressed it. Also, even though I had a lot of space left, I left it at this because A) It would run faster, because even though it would run at 1 MB, it would be slow, and B) I'm not that good with Actionscript YET. In the game, you have everything you did in my PSP RPG Special Edition, except now you run around to those different places in which you do things. Also, you can buy the newspaper, fashion magazine, brass knuckles, and a hamburger, and you can get into a bar fight! You'd better appreciate this because the original .FLA's of my previous PSP RPG's mysteriously disappeared, so I had to re-create this from scratch! More things that have been added: Better graphics, analog stick movement, and a better audio track! Enjoy! And now...

Onto the PSP:
-Connect your PSP to your computer via USB
-In the folder CONTAINING the folder labeled PSP, create a new folder labeled "Flash"
-Drop the raw SWF file into that folder

To play on the PSP:
-Open your Internet Browser on the far right
-Cancel the internet connection
-Insert in the URL:
NOTE: If you changed the name of the game file, change it on the above URL.

Update 1: I edited it so now you move with the arrow keys, there's running shoes and a cash register in the store, the music is different, there's a Lawyer Attack minigame, and the filesize is more than halved.

Update 2: You don't get experience or money from winning bar fights anymore... You get it from each attack, making it profitable but dangerous to prolong the duration of the battle. Also, rolling over the (?) in the corner shows your stats instead of you having to go all the way to that corner to see them.

Update 3: Once again, you get experience, money, and strength from winning bar fights. The reason I changed it before was because there was a glitch; it's fixed now. Also, there are now automatic graders to show you how you are for your stats when you click "View Identification" in your house, as well as achievements, such as millionaire, Chuck Norris, survivor, and more! Lastly, some actions have been made slightly more realistic; for instance, working out costs health instead of money now, and some things have been balanced, such as the needed experience increment being changed to EXPNEEDED+(LEVEL+50) instead of it just being EXPNEEDED+50, so now it will be significantly harder to level up when you are a higher level. Unless I find something really interesting, this will probably be the last major update. (Also the opening words STICK RPG have been modified to look cooler, among with a few other minor graphic adjustments.)

Update 4: I have changed the music. There are now 3 songs, one for the mingames, one for outside, and one for inside. There are also some trees, and because hitting them may result in severe glitching in which you are ejected from the entire town area, there is a "Home" button in the corner now that will automatically take you home. Unfortunately, the file is about double the size it was before, but at least even the smallest Memory Stick can handle it.

Update 5: Slight title screen graphics adjustment, more things to drink in the bar (wine, vodka) and some graphic tweaks on the Lawyer Attack minigame.

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so this a tiny screen portable mode of the game to make it look portable very nice! bur sad u removed some features :(

Kwing responds:

This is a very old version of the game. V20 was released a year or so back and while it's not the exact same as Stick RPG, it does have a lot of new features including an actual story mode, 27 achievements, and over a dozen minigames.

Whats the Music On Bar Fight Song Called?

Kwing responds:

It's from the original Stick RPG, I got the song by decompiling it.

i got 900 strength and i died

Kwing responds:

Lol. What a review.


exit city

Kwing responds:


a nice distraction

but it feels kinda basic, and plain but a good game, don't get me wrong... you've made improvements to the game as noted by your update notes, basic graphics, fair music, interesting bar fight system... cool lawyer attack minigame, if you make an update i would like to see an arcade where the lawyers are zombies, as well as the fighting minigame, but with weapons like daggers, swords, stuff like that, but that's just me...

Kwing responds:

I've added tons of updates in other submissions, but I haven't worked too hard on refining the battle system. This is not a fighting game.

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3.45 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2008
10:19 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG