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gf and fh anim joint :P

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Yah we know its sucks and its very short flaminghero began and ghostflames finished it. We know it sucks, go ahead and BLAM it you bastards !!!

flaminghero - BoooYAH a JOINT with ghostflames !

ghostflames - He made me do it it, i had to do my part early in the morning so he would stop bugging me and i was still sleepy, that explains why my part sucks although im a higher pivot rank than he is now i think his part is better than mine :-|

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You'll BOTH make another one.....Right.......

ghostflames responds:

ummm yeah... riiight... *when pigs fly*

Make more

It's cool but short so make a longer and cooler one so it will be perfect ;)

ghostflames responds:

asdasdasd XD k, bye we will make another one... probably...

- ghostflames


Not the best work I seen from you, but it's great no matter what.

ghostflames responds:

no no u dont get it its not just me its a joint with flaminghero he begins and im the second part and yeah i know i fucked up very bad and its not as nearly as good as what i can really do... as i said i had to do it very early in the morning i was very sleepy and lazy and... well here is this shit XD, i mean u said you would keep track of my work and... well here's ur review... *whopeee*

- ghostflames

Not bad!!

Kind of okay! But when the animation is finished the music is still going and when you click play it gets kind of crazy lol..

But anyway what I think of the animation that it looked very simple and the legs were too big on some of those stick guys and you need to get some background that would be nice :)

ghostflames responds:

Kind of okay! But when the animation is finished the music is still going and when you click play it gets kind of crazy lol
- kai i fixed that sorry =)

i knooow ! its our first joint, i (ghostflames) make a thousand times better animations than what u saw from me here, i did it early in the morning and i was very lazy and bored, i didnt know what to do cuz it had no topic so i did this shit, take a look at my other stuff u will see that its much better...

- ghostflames

kinda short

still could use some work but decent job on the animation

ghostflames responds:

actualy i didnt expect to get this kind of review
1.there is no f*cking concept its our first joint and there is not topic
2.Great job on the animation ? LOL, dude the animation sucks if u ask me, i mean, flaminghero's part was probably one of his best animation, but mine (ghostflames) was probably one of my worst, its very bad concidering my animating skills and my other animations

- ghostflames