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iluvAS: Platformer Engine

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Author Comments

Well this is my "first" post... the first one is the same thing but .. it has low presentational value as i was finishing the preloader and misc stuffs on last minute and so.. it was a disaster..

this newer version has the same thing... wall jumps, double jumps...well basically thats it. It took shit load effort to pull of and i was learning thoroughout the whole process of developing the engine and i hope to learn more in order to make my dream platformer/action/rpg game... next thing on my list to learn is v cam.. anyone whose pro at that can you please pm me teaching me how to do it ^^...

btw im still a newb in actionscript please vote fairly =3

btw why does it keep on saying transparent gif backgrounds arent aloud?? theres no transparentness in my graphic...-.- due to that...TANK ICON
UPDATED: it are teh now have 5 lvls use teh arrow to change lvls!


pretty nice

nice engine, can u pm me on how to make wall jumping plz?

Overall, its very good, but...

There are a few glitches, as in when you change levels, the ball doesn't fall down and sometimes it gets stuck, needs some more testing.

iluvAS responds:

yea its a work in progress.. check out V2 its way better. it has v cam too

Good engine

The engine is looking good at the moment. I can tell you have been putting a lot of work into this. Good luck with completing the rest of the game!

iluvAS responds:

yeah im working on the game now. ive done v cam and upgrades . you can even fly now! but it consumes mp. look out for my next version ^^

first? it's acceptable

It obviously needs a lot of work but it's a good idea, the music is badass!
Just work more and more for it to become great.
Else it's pretty good!
Nice job!

iluvAS responds:

yea it needs alot of work im planning on making a lvl on lvl basis of a puzzle/action and platformer kind of game....sortof like prince of persia except 2d and no sword slingin.. ^^... hope i can do it

do you need someone to animate you're character?

do you need someone to animate you're character?

iluvAS responds:

no not really im just showing ppl my engine .. so i kept it simple.. i'll animate it once im done learning more actionscripting

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Credits & Info

2.88 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2008
4:03 AM EDT
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