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{***Wow, 9th place?! O_O... Thank you everyone for voting and thanks to you Tom Fulp. I just hope this film is good enough to get a weekly award ^-^. Thank you all, and please enjoy it.***}

{***Weekly 13th place. AWESOME! :D Thanks everybody who voted. I hope you all will continue to enjoy it.***}

***Note*** If you don't like Shadow, or the idea of Sonic losing/being beaten up. Then don't watch this series.

***Sorry about the large file size, :|***

***ATTENTION MAC USERS*** If you have a Mac you may experiance a slowdown, mainly if you have a LOW RAM, so I'd reccomend Low Quality in this case.

***Also remember use the space-bar for the "Dialouge and Character Description parts in the movie. I can't stress that enough. So please remember that.***

You know kiddies a lot has changed while your old uncle Shade's been away. A "New" Newgrounds, new effects to my flashes, even many new twists. But now I'm tan, I'm rested, and I'm ready to give this portal an explosion again. So here it is after nearly a year. I'd like to thank all my fans for their patients with me. As you know this has been quite a stressful year for me. I had to cut this eps. into two parts even with the MC frame limit bypass trick. Also, to get it on here I had to lower the quality of some of the images, but it WON'T take away from the movies intensity. I don't know if Tom even recieved my email or what, but I couldn't and didn't wanna keep you all waiting any longer. I just hope you all like what you see, I'm a little nervous as to how it will be recieved. I also dedicated this film to my Cat, may he rest in piece, many of you will think the same as me about this, and many will think I'm stupid for it I'm sure as well. However, those of you who think I'm stupid for it... I don't care. So well... I guess there is not really much left to say, except this eps. will answer many questions and FINALLY reveal shadow's TRUE motive. So just watch, and I hope you enjoy.

God Bless




turning up to be a good serise however it kinda is like alvin earthworms work because mario and sonic are both in it and theres kinda like dbz fighting styles. i mean once i finish my serise '' Super Mario Ultra Bros '' it is gonna kinda be like that to :P keep up the good work shade

shadefalcon responds:

Only the dbz quality makes it similar seeing as how everyone uses mario and sonic cross overs now. And that is being done away with in the rest of the series. It's overdone now the dbz fight style.

Thanks for the 10.


this is really turning into quite the epic saga xD you are a sprite animating master! I know for a fact that part 2 is going to be even better xDD can't wait shade 10000/10 (I can't believe none of these have won any awards x[ )

shadefalcon responds:

Thanks dude, means a lot, and if I just have more voters I will get one. My fans have asked me to put a reminder in the movie because a lot of them just forget to vote and review they said.

Been over a year mate, you still alive there?

I was going to leave a review then back in 2008 when I first saw this, but at that time, I thought you would have submitted part 2 not soon after this one. Didn't know that you'd go into hiding for a year and a half before showing up with some news again.

And now you're back, with hopefully more powerful skills than before. Though I must say, your growth has been quite terrifying, nearly as terrifying as your series. While sprite legends like Alvin or Daniel-sun have high linear growth, your improvement has been explosive that it's unreal - it's exponential and it's only a matter of time before you may surpass even them. Your sprite skills, your story, your imagination and characters have all blown my mind again and again.

I suppose it's the dark feel to it, much like Daniel's Power Star series that have drawn me in. While most series keep the heroes as an underdog, but still managing to thrawt the villain, they've always left me cheering for the bad guys, because the good guys seemingly always win, wanting to see the good guys ass get kicked because they always win. Only twice in my life did I ever want to lean a bit towards the good guys: the Power Star series and this. This is proof of how powerful your series is - the fact that you made the good guys struggle towards seemingly an impossible goal, knowing that they may never win made me feel more for them. (Doesn't mean I still like seeing their ass get kicked though).

A few things you need to keep in mind, though, when continuing the series:

1. Start killing off characters, especially the good guys - if you don't start murdering some of the characters, then the dark feel of the series may start to go down. Why? Because we've seen the limit to what you'll do to the good guys - you will injure the, you will crush them, maybe nearly kill them, but you will never kill them and that's when the series will start going downhill and we will be disappointed, because we know you will never do worse and we've seen the limit. I don't want to see it go that way. However, don't kill them off all at once, because that's despair - hopelessness: if that's the case, might as well have killed them off all at once in the beginning.

2. Aim for tragedy - and by definition, tragedy is only tragedy when at the end, there is a spark of hope, when the good guys seemingly almost win, but only for a minute, before hope is taken away from them and darkness descends upon them as sudden as existence and as silently as death. What will keep us watching is the powerful dark drive that makes us feel sorry for the good guys, but at the same time, having a that small corner of hope that something good may happen. That's what you're seeking. You've been doing an excellent job of that so far, allowing the good guys to grow stronger, but always surpassed by their superior antagonists. Darkness to light should at least be 2:1. But remember, keep it up.

3. There are 3 types of villains: Villains who are evil because they have a tragic past and we ultimately pity, villains who are evil because they hate the world enjoy watching the world burn (which is just a different form of the first type), and villains who we will never understand because they have no motives and no drive, villains who are just insane, and they are the lowest to highest level villain respectively. On newgrounds, nearly 95% of the villains are type 1, 5% are type 2. So far I haven't seen type 3 yet, but you can look them up in manga or in movies. The point I'm trying to make is not to always try to let us understand the bad guys. That makes us want to know more about them, but sometimes unexplainable is best - feed us just enough information to be curious, but not enough to be satisfied, because once satisfied, we don't need to watch anymore.

I hope you submit the series soon, because I tire of waiting. There are quite a few artists who start a series, but the drive to finish it dwindle and sometimes they never finish. (See Link's quest for ass). I don't want you to become one of them.


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shadefalcon responds:

Yeah, sorry, problem is my need to have more custom spriters on staff to help me.

And thank you, I'm always trying to improve my skills with each episode. I think you'll see a tremendous amount of "passion" in the next one, I suppose that's the best word. And Yes, I love D-Sun, one of my inspirations.

Also, yes, there will be many deaths to come along, just can't say who, some heroes, and more characters still have yet to be envieled unfortunatly.

Now for your points:

1: Agreed 100% and it's exactly where I'm taking the series. many deaths to come and some when they die, you may not even be sure if they are 100% dead.

2: Thank you very much ^-^

3: Heh heh, you're indeed a smart one. Yes, there are 3 kinds of evil:

Shadow: You pity for his horrid past.

Kiritsu: You know has a slight motive but mainly likes destruction

and the last kind of villain who just likes the world to burn as you said, well, let's just say there will be one to come, and soon ;)

Thank you for your kind words, and don't worry, even if this series takes me a long time, I WILL finish it. That's a promise to the fans, and to myself. I never leave something I started, undone.

God Bless



ive seen this already many times but i wanna know when do you think youll finish the next episode?

shadefalcon responds:

Still working on quite a few of the sprite sheets so it is undetermined the time it'll be ready but I'm trying to prevent having to stop in between episodes.


what I like best is how you end the episodes where it turns into a drwaing and then burns and the song fits perfectly btw what is the name of the song

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shadefalcon responds:

Thank you very much and the song is:

Creeping In My Soul by: Christine Lorentz

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