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Dawning of Darkness 5 (P1

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{***Wow, 9th place?! O_O... Thank you everyone for voting and thanks to you Tom Fulp. I just hope this film is good enough to get a weekly award ^-^. Thank you all, and please enjoy it.***}

{***Weekly 13th place. AWESOME! :D Thanks everybody who voted. I hope you all will continue to enjoy it.***}

***Note*** If you don't like Shadow, or the idea of Sonic losing/being beaten up. Then don't watch this series.

***Sorry about the large file size, :|***

***ATTENTION MAC USERS*** If you have a Mac you may experiance a slowdown, mainly if you have a LOW RAM, so I'd reccomend Low Quality in this case.

***Also remember use the space-bar for the "Dialouge and Character Description parts in the movie. I can't stress that enough. So please remember that.***

You know kiddies a lot has changed while your old uncle Shade's been away. A "New" Newgrounds, new effects to my flashes, even many new twists. But now I'm tan, I'm rested, and I'm ready to give this portal an explosion again. So here it is after nearly a year. I'd like to thank all my fans for their patients with me. As you know this has been quite a stressful year for me. I had to cut this eps. into two parts even with the MC frame limit bypass trick. Also, to get it on here I had to lower the quality of some of the images, but it WON'T take away from the movies intensity. I don't know if Tom even recieved my email or what, but I couldn't and didn't wanna keep you all waiting any longer. I just hope you all like what you see, I'm a little nervous as to how it will be recieved. I also dedicated this film to my Cat, may he rest in piece, many of you will think the same as me about this, and many will think I'm stupid for it I'm sure as well. However, those of you who think I'm stupid for it... I don't care. So well... I guess there is not really much left to say, except this eps. will answer many questions and FINALLY reveal shadow's TRUE motive. So just watch, and I hope you enjoy.

God Bless



fantastic work!

your videos are so good i cant wait for part 2!!! your the best!! ;) :)

Mmmmm Intresting!

Great, great work! I have to say but for me it was kinda hard to grasp the plot and get into the story. But being the sorry lazy sod I am, this is the first episode I've watched out of your series O.O

You have infact done a good job, but I suggest you create more custom sprites. Certain aspects of the sprites quality was mediocre, but that can easily be fixed with colour fixing and manipulation. I maybe be babbling nonsense but I think the advice will do you good in the long run. In the mean while I'll keep an eye out for any new submissions you release :)

Your man Tyrant-D!!!


Fire Sonic and Metal Shadow was a good idea!

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shadefalcon responds:

Thanks dude, I actually did fire sonic before alvin did, though we have different styles for him, lol.

And thanks dude, =) I plan on doing more mario items for sonic characters in the future. I even made up a few of my own items for the series to come. Expect the next episode to be out sometime this summer.

Best eps. yet!

Hell yeah man! >XD This series just keeps getting better and better! If Alvin-Earthworm ever decides to quit making SMBZ, ( again! ) atleast I have this series to keep me MORE than enough satisfied! >;D

I loved how you had Mecha Sonic's Super Form Gold instead of yellow. That makes more sense since he's made of metal. It also, looked cooler aswell...more realistic. I'm truly looking forward to the next eps!

I have 1 question if you don't mind answering; what is the name of the song ( & band ) that plays when Mecha Sonic 1st transforms into his super form?

Anyway keep up the great work shade!

P.S. I'm truly sorry to hear about the loss of you cat. I'm sure that must've been devastating for you. Well, atleast, he's in the best place possible now under the care of the man upstairs right?

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shadefalcon responds:

Yeah, thanks dude, all around, and the song is Indestructable, by disturbed.

Hmm....man youre awesome :)

For 2 ours or more i've been wachting all DOD episodes en every time I watch I new episode.. it's getting better better and better all the sprites seem's way better every time. Man keep up the great work and you're flash skills will increase and will reward themselfs :) good voice acting everyting :D. Hurry up and make a new episode :D 10/10 5/5.

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Jul 23, 2008
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