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A black day in the history of Newgrounds. A day when Newgrounds had to fight for it's survival.

This idea actually came to me in a dream haha.. It's about 7 minutes long, and has a nice story to it.
It was really hard to make all the unique NG characters and mix these with my own, but it came out nicely.

I tried to make this as "movie like" as I could... And I chose classical music, without sfx, cause it fits pretty well :D

All the origional NG character creators are mentioned in the credits.. oh and.. there's a scene after that ;) Took me a couple of months... but it was worth it.

In short, this is my way of giving something back to NG, since I've been hapily depositing all my flash submissions here over the past 3 years :D!

So I hope you enjoy!

PS. I couldn't stuff all the popular NG characters in there :( (just my favs ;) )


Not very original

The story wasn't very original, we have seen random invasions countless times now. this one just had Newgrounds characters slapped on it.
Most of the artwork was either stolen or traced, the animation done by you was decent though.


I bumped you up to a 4.02, but I don't know how long thats going to stay.

This is one of those times when effort overcomes artwork. The length and story, be it slightly unoriginal, give this animation life over the art, witch is a little under par to be mixed in with some of the greats. If anything, just optimize your lines so that they fit more with the other art, an apply a single color shade to them. That would be enough alone to bring them up to standard in my eyes. Its not about visual complexity, but visual style, and your not far off.

I agree with some others that the DBZ type stuff was a little out of place, and actually detract from the experience. One would expect Awesome Snake or one of the other formidable characters to put up a bit more of a fight, but because you where using other's animation, its harder for you to do that. Because of this, it makes your less popular (compared to the greats once again) character seem a little beefed up and high and mighty for the job of taking on one of these guys.

If you ever where to re-do this, and re-animate all the stuff from the other animations in your own style, it would be even better, and no one could say a thing. Even if you are not nearly as good as the original animators, you'll get serious credit for the effort.

I'm glad to see the good use of music. Your choices, though a bit popular for my tastes, worked, and you timed the animation with the music much better than I have in my animations.

I hope the positive response you get from this keeps you animating. BTW, 8 is a high score for me to give ^_^

really great, but

it could have been a bit better, like voices when the tankmen and people were talking, or at least have made their mouths move. but it was rly good, keep up the good work


You use a Decomplier for those some flash there ?


Its Like Alien xD

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4.11 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2008
4:30 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place July 23, 2008