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Fast BreakV2

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Some viewers found the backround loop in Fast Break repetative.. heres a version more pleasing on the ears....WARNING...LOUD SOUND EFFECTS!!! ENJOY!!!



Good job i liked it, Dont listen to other peoples crap it was good the only thing u need to work on is a story


that made no friggin since, u tried so hard it was funny....
he could hit a rabbit, but not a guy who stands still for 20 minutes??

Well, it's okay, I guess.

First off...so "Orc The Sniper" can hit a rabbit sized target 2/2, but can't hit a stationary man-sized target, he's 0/3? And for some reason he can't shoot him during the Four seconds he's all open, peppering the tower's base with handgun fire? Was it because since his target was closer he could see him more clearly and was wondering how Solid Snake and SF's Ryu could have a son?

Sorry about that. Much like Episode 1, I pick apart movie inconsistancies. Overall it wasn't bad, just illogical in places and somewhat predictable. Not something to rewatch again and again, but most likely worth a viewing.

Oh, and to HyperFire and a bajillion other people whom I've seen use the "you can't/haven't make/made decent flash so you can't criticise" bullshit:If so, you, and any ass like you can also not criticise the President, the government, police officers, ANY hollywood movie you see in theatre or at home, lawyers, judges, school nurses,corporate officials or any other profession you yourselves have never held.
Puts things in perspective a bit, don't it?...

Go to hell eggplantclock!

This was a great animation, eggplantclock has no idea how to make flashes himself...so he shouldn't be talking!
Great flash dude!

dident watch your movie looks like it sucks ass

with a big fat dildo

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2.90 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2002
9:53 PM EST
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