sherry enema: #3

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Author Comments

Here's number 3, and it's very different so if you didn't like any of my other stuff then you'll GUARANTEED LOVE THIS.

Thanks to Chris (Taradino Cassatt) for the great voice acting - even though I asked for retake after retake he had great patience and consistently came through. Most of the laughs you'll hopefully get from this will be thanks to his voice and his improvs: I just animated the arms.

This is salvaged from an old idea, I have a friend who's pretty much exactly Sammy. So if you're watching this, and you know who you are, I'm just kidding and I'm in love with you.

Hopefully you, too, know someone like Sammy or this will make no sense.

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i am sammy

that was pretty good. i do this with some of my coworkers.
as always it was simple and calm, yet made me giggle.
i liked the first two far better tho. Iike it when your jokes are long and drawn out.
i also feel like you didnt take to much time drawing this, maybe you tried harder on the first two?

but good job none the less.

the orange background made me hate myself.. i dont know why.

Yes, indeed

That was pleasurable. Do endeavor to make more, you sexy calendar. You sexy sexy sexy calendar.

Should....probably be front page.

Why isn't it?
I really like you're style of humor... I like to believe its common for australians to like or use this style... But thats just what I've noticed. I also like the simplicity yet well-flowed animation. Stylized.
I hope people vote five on this.

Cambo responds:

I'm glad you like it mate, it's honestly not a big deal that this didn't get too much attention, I never considered my stuff to be particularly mainstream anyway.


Great once again.
You're animation has actually improved pretty greatly since the last one, better expressions and animation. I'm bad at doing WHAT THEY CALL IN THE BIZ hand-acting.

So pet yourself on the back, WITH A 10/10 SCORE!!!

Cambo responds:

I worked really hard on making the animation in this one more lifelike and fluid, and the score's like 0.4 lower. So who knows.

Also I'm patting myself on the back and also the penis.


liked it, but i missed a statement...

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2008
6:26 AM EDT
Comedy - Original