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Jul 22, 2008 | 4:23 AM EDT

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Is your penis outdated? Is it obsolete? Can it just not compete in today's global economy? We here at peniscorp have developed the MOST CUTTING EDGE penis available. Penis 3.4 is the future of penile functions. You will save so much time with your upgraded penis version 3.4. Your productivity on the job will triple, your personal life will fluorish, and your family will love all the extras.

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Just look at the numbers! Normal penises are only version 1.0, and 2.0 if your genetics and racial characteristics have won the gene lottery. With penis 3.4, strength, durability and most importantly, prominence all increase an average of 56 points on the dewey decimal system. Here is what our customers have to say!

Tom A Green from Ontario writes, "My penis just worked a lot better, dude."

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Jonathan Meadowcroft of London writes, "My bloody penis just kept bleedin' all the time! Well, I put a fuckin' band-aid on it. Then, I upgraded it and shit."

If that isn't enough evidence to convince you that your penis needs upgrading, then please stay tuned for the next hour as we guide you through the fantastic world that is penis 3.4!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

i want upgrate my penis

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Starberry responds:

go ahead bruh


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


the vid was really fast can't read


Rated 5 / 5 stars

The only good thing

was the cursor on the menu screen, and for that i 5'd it


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is the pinnacle of art.

Starberry responds:

having a penis has nevber been eiasiesr


Rated 2 / 5 stars

This is disgusting....

Clearly you have a Nazi like hate for people with epilepsy! This flash is crime ;\

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