Break Out Army

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It is an original break out with
-more than 50 levels
-endless type game
-player vs player
-2 players arcade
-and more

uhm...about me im just 14 years old, so try to vote fair please beacuse i tried so harder to make this game and is my 1st game
i dont know why but it is running slowy...
now ball start on paddle
ball go slower
paddle move faster
size has been down to 1Mb... its all i can do


sorry but it sucks

first i click on a button to play it then i have to quickly move my hand to the arrowkeys so i loose 2 lives there. then it goes in all different directions. once i finaly have that part done with the ball would hit the paddle and go up maby a centimeter then go right therew my paddle withought hitting any blocks

Bad, bad, bad...

Too many bugs, the balls shot out in a different direction everytime, and you could never get them, the little pad thing moved to slow, it was just a complete mess.

THe layout of the game was poor

The graphics stly was nice, ,but te interface sucked. the blocks weren't seperated, which as annoyin, the game was buggy, and the sounds were annoying. Not too mention the random diectin shooting to start it off...

lemmingomar responds:

excuse me but...do you know how hard is to make this type of game? do you know something about actions script?

Graphics were neat

The single player game starts up too fast though. You press the button and then it lags for a bit and immediately starts up the game. At least make the ball go towards the paddle by default. The menus were kinda laggy and the whole screen was too small and it gave a claustrophobic feeling when put along side the gritty menu buttons.

Once you get into the game though, it's really not that bad.

You know... as far as breakout goes..

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good for a first game

u should try losing the pics in the back... that or compressing them
it makes the game load slow
but good job for a first game

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2.17 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2008
12:57 AM EDT
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